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Twitter and Internet Marketing

2010 May 12
by buddy

Twitter is a service that has seen vastly increasing popularity. It seems that everyone is hopping on the Twitter bandwagon. Everyone from teenagers to celebrities is using twitter to communicate, entertain and have fun. And now, there are a number of Internet marketers capitalizing on this great promotional opportunity.

There are many ways that Twitter can help you increase your sales and build up your business. It’s possible, when you join the site, you’ll want to go full speed ahead using the service. Thankfully it looks like twitter isn’t going to go away any time soon so you’ll have plenty of time to try out promotional techniques. Here are a few tips to help you get started in the wide world of twitter.

It used to be that press releases were the way to get the word out for new products and services. You’d write up a few paragraphs, then send them out to as many sources as you could think of. You may have even faxed them to all of your local media outlets. You can get the same results using Twitter, but with just 140 characters. As a result, your message can reach millions of prospects in a matter of minutes — just by including the appropriate hash tags. You can even use twitter to link to a more traditional press release.

You can even keep in touch with your potential clients with the site. You can use Twitter to test and see how responsive customers are to your promotions listed there in comparison to other types of advertising you use such as blogging. This comparison will help you see which group responds better to your efforts and which medium is most effective. Thus, you will be able to tailor your sales efforts to suit the groups most likely to respond to your communications and in turn, generate increased sales. This will assist you in cutting down on the time you may have wasted marketing to the wrong audience.

When you bring a new product to market, be sure to spend some time getting feedback from your Twitter followers to see what they think. In such a way, you will better create conversations between your prospect purchasers and yourself. Your followers will feel special, and know that you appreciate their opinions and continued support. Or you might send out tweets that are not online marketing related. Your followers will appreciate that you offer more than simple sales codes and links to new promotions. Individuals enjoy getting to know companies from whom they purchase. Employing Twitter to develop conversations is a brilliant means of letting prospects get to know you personally.

Twitter is an excellent tool to help you to grow your business. Whether you are simply trying to bring in visitors to your website or trying to attract buyers to your latest product, you can use Twitter to help you out. You are really missing out if you are not tapping the available market on Twitter. Internet marketers have been talking about its benefits for some time. The service is free and for only a few characters, you can reach a whole new area of the online marketplace. Leaving any market untapped is bad business sense. It takes just a minute or two to open a Twitter account and it won’t cost a thing. It only takes a minute to expand your outreach to countless numbers of new customers.

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