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How To Create a Great Web Design

2010 April 30
by buddy

create-web-designAs internet use continues to grow worldwide, so grows the number of potential customers online.  As the popularity of the internet multiplies so does the competitiveness of being able to get your share of these new visitors to your website.  But it doesn’t end there!  You still need to get them to do business with you when they visit your website.

A clean, simple web design should help the customer to find their way around easily. It should be pretty intuitive with no hidden surprises.  Leave the flashy showbiz stuff for the gaming sites…your business web design doesn’t need it, and your customers don’t want anything but the products or services they’re looking for.  Flash isn’t part of that.
If your website is a gaming site, flash is a great idea but otherwise you’re probably best to keep it to a minimum.  Google can’t read it, and frankly your visitors would much prefer solutions to their problem they’re searching for
Providing a method of interaction, i.e. a blog on your website is pretty much expected these days.  Your customers want to communicate and comment on your site, just like Facebook.  Your website should have a blog that your visitors can comment on.  Don’t forget to add your Facebook links and Twitter page.
We get a lot of great response by putting a contact form on most pages on the website.  This isn’t normal in terms of web design, but it’s working well with our clients.

Your human visitors aren’t the only ones who will appreciate your simple easy to get around web design.  Bing, Google, and Yahoo will appreciate being able to get around easily as well.  If they can’t navigate your website easily, they’ll leave, and YOU lose on the search traffic they can send your way.  If your website is optimized properly your load time will be shorter and that will also please the search engine bots.

Think clean, an easy to get around, and simple web design.  Your visitors will thank you for NOT using a dark background with light text.  White text on a dark background is hard on our eyes and will as a result increase your visitor bounce rate.

Aside from looking after your visitors and the Google bot, your website needs to satisfy the objectives of your business.  Getting more business is usually the first priority of the business owner.  If people cannot find your website, none of the above will happen.  You’ll need the expertise of professional SEO Services, and online promotion on a regular basis.

To sum it up; simple, clean, and gets found.  You’ll love the results.

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