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3 Major Copywriting Mistakes

2012 October 1
by buddy

You’ll hear most people say that copywriting is hard, but that’s really not quite true. You just need to be aware of a few simple mistakes that can affect your overall efforts. So, we’ll now cover just three of these kinds of mistakes that you really don’t want to commit in your own copywriting.

Even in copywriting, grammar is important because if you make too many mistakes it can hurt your conversions. In all your copywriting, be 100% clear about what you’re saying, and take care that the product benefits are expressed as benefits and not features – tell them what’s in it for them. So those are just a couple things, out of many, that need to be right, and if they aren’t then you’ll just seeing the sales numbers go down. Your copy doesn’t have to be 100% perfect in all aspects because people understand mistakes are made, but there’s a real risk of being viewed in a negative light if there are too many mistakes of any kind. Effective copy that gets the job done has to include many considerations, many of which are along the lines of “the little things.” Writing a sales copy is not about using complicated jargon and heavy vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean you can compromise on the punctuation or anything else. Just like in school, the basic things like punctuation, spelling, and grammar can have a negative impact if there are too many mistakes. Don’t make the mistake of revealing too much in your sales copy and at the same time try to give all the details that are required. If you don’t know how to balance your information this can be tricky. You need to use the sales letter to both educate the customer and make him eager to purchase what you are selling. A good way to do this is to write about the many benefits of owning the product so that the potential buyer knows exactly how your product will better his life. You want to go easy on the exact features of your product or your benefit details won’t be at the front of the customer’s mind when you call him to action. Creating the urge to buy means keep the fluff down while still including the important details that make the product desirable. Plenty of copywriters forget that their copy is not for them but for other people–customers specifically. Focus on the potential customers you want to attract instead and then target your sales copy to them directly.

What could be worse than having a copy that is ridden with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors? If you have too many it really can begin to look pretty unprofessional. You should always, always make sure that you’re proof reading your sales letter before it goes live in front of your target audience. If your prospects get a feel that you haven’t taken your sales copy seriously, then they’ll obviously feel that your product isn’t that worth it. So just make sure you can read through it several times while checking for different kinds of errors. When you avoid these common mistakes you will get quite a nice return from your copywriting.

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