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3 Easily Avoidable Copywriting Mistakes

2012 October 3
by buddy

Wondering why you’re sales copy isn’t converting too well? There are lots of reasons why particular copy doesn’t convert, but if you’re making simple mistakes then you can easily take care of that. So, we can help eliminate some of these mistakes in your copy so that will be just one less thing that will hurt you.

Many new copywriters make lots of mistakes that are obvious and can be easily avoided. One source of many kinds of mistakes concerns the subheads, or subheadings, in the sales copy body. Headlines are to sales copy as wheels are to cars – you can’t have one without the other. The paragraph is used in sales copy for the same reason it’s used in any other form of writing. Also, your sales copy will be divided into logical sections, and each of these sections will be announced with a headline of its own that is called a subheadline, or subhead. What normally happens is that people scan the sales copy, and the subheads allow the reader to get a quick idea of what it’s all about. There are many reasons why sales copy isn’t completely read by those who come across it. But if it is not systematically divided into readable parts, then it would definitely be a turn off for the reader, especially when you have a long sales copy. So your subheadings need to be well-written so they make your readers want to stop skimming and then start reading slower. Besides that, subheadings allow to you to present your case and give relevant information to the entire argument, without making it sound hyped up. Many times your prospect finds one of your subheadings more interesting than your headline, and decides to buy the product. You main headline is no doubt very critical to capture attention and interest, but do not under any circumstances ignore your subheadlines. Don’t make the mistake of revealing too much in your sales copy and at the same time try to give all the details that are required. If you don’t know how to balance your information this can be tricky. You need to use the sales letter to both educate the customer and make him eager to purchase what you are selling. A good way to do this is to write about the many benefits of owning the product so that the potential buyer knows exactly how your product will better his life. You want to go easy on the exact features of your product or your benefit details won’t be at the front of the customer’s mind when you call him to action. Creating the urge to buy means keep the fluff down while still including the important details that make the product desirable. Plenty of copywriters forget that their copy is not for them but for other people–customers specifically. Focus on the potential customers you want to attract instead and then target your sales copy to them directly.

How would you like to read a sales copy that reads like a high school essay? You need to remember that any sales copy needs to be easy to read and at the same time do a great job at presenting the product’s benefits to the prospect. And you’ll use those benefits for the purpose of writing bullet points in your copy. The reason for benefit bullets is they allow for rapid skimming and scanning, and well-written bullets can be extremely effective with closing sales. Apart from that, your sales copy looks more professional and has more white space when you have bullet points. Just the way you wouldn’t like reading a huge block of content, even your prospects are looking for benefits when going through your sales letter.

Make no mistake, it does take time to learn copywriting. It’s always smart to learn about common mistakes because if you just avoid them then you’ll be writing better copy. Always keep writing and practicing, and remember this article you have read.

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