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Your Must Know Guide To Alternatives For ADHD Drugs

2010 May 8
by buddy

adhd-drugsMost  stakeholders ask that question since you can find lots of doubts about medicines for ADHD and recent controversy has done nothing to calm people’s fears. If anything the situation seems to be changing as fewer youngsters are being prescribed these psychostimulant medicines, so that’s a step in the proper direction.

Controversy surrounds the real function of these medicines for ADHD in that there’s a lot more than reasonable doubt that they are efficient and certainly they will not cure the condition. The better known medicines are methylphenidates such as Concerta and Ritalin while Adderall, Strattera and Cylert are just some of the numerous well-known brand names. Basically these are amphetamine type of drug treatments and are still classified as Class II drug treatments and that implies that they’re regarded as controlled substances with all the risks of drug addiction that entails. There are problems associated with the illegal sale of an ADHD med or two, for recreational use by teenagers.

Research now shows that prolonged use of the medicines might be harmful and indeed the long term effects are a mystery. Add to that the negative effects and the health risks which range from heart issues, strokes, sudden deaths to a wide range of troublesome side effects from dizziness, drowsiness, disturbed sleep patterns and stunted growth, just to name several. Taking an ADHD med may actually provoke a whole chain of unwanted effects which will exacerbate rather than treat the condition.

On the other side of the fence, there is a really strong lobby of doctors, drug firms, parents, teachers and politicians who are convinced that the drug treatments serve a most useful purpose and that they may be an efficient means of treatment, despite some negative effects. This lobby claims how the medicines for ADHD are usually safe and that unwanted effects are minimal. They also claim that in up to 70% of cases, there is a marked improvement in ADHD symptoms and that kids can function well at home and at school. Hyperactivity, impulsivity, concentration all improve when kids are on these drug treatments. They forget that child behavior modification techniques are the only long term effective solution.

It can be extremely tough to have an unbiased view on this subject so parents of ADHD youngsters just have to obtain as much information as they can and decide regardless of whether or not to medicate their kids. Millions of parents are now turning to ADHD natural herbal remedies because they know that once they ensure how the manufacturing processes are carried out to the highest standards and the preparations are made by qualified homeopaths, then this kind of medication could possibly be the answer to their prayers.

Experts are now saying and they’re supported by distinguished medical associations and scholars that unless a child behavior modification plan is applied, the results of any medicines will be limited and even ineffective. Discover more about the other side of medicines for ADHD and determine what is right for your child.

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