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You must know these facts before you buy a printer

2010 October 28
by buddy

Purchasing a printer for home printing is a minefield of cheap printer deals and scams.

Here’s a fact you possibly  ought to know:

Purchasing a printer is not expensive (there is no profit margin selling printers).

Here’s something that you, regrettably, discover out when you buy a printer:

Replacing printer ink cartridges can possibly cost you a lot of money, often costing more than the laser printer (as the earnings is made by selling the ink cartridges)!

We all have to print, so don’t despair, the following few tips} will assist you prevent the pitfall of buying the incorrect printer.

1. Check the cartridges that your laser copier utilizes ahead of purchasing it so that you understand:

a. the number of ink cartridges (ie how many it takes),
b. the price of cartridges (ie how much they are) and
c. whether it has high yield options (ie cartridges with more ink that cost out less costly for every page)

If the seller is not sure which ink cartridges the printer uses, think about getting a reseller who does! It is fairly easy to locate the cartridge details online if you have the printer model number. Online ink cartridge vendorscompanies normally have a simple search feature on their website. Reputable online printer cartridge vendors should have contact details. You are more than welcome to enquire on the questions that the larger retailers may not know enough to answer.

2. Never take it for granted that the refill/generic cartridges are the best value for money.
A number of model printers have refill cartridges that are efficient, however not many are. Prepare yourself before buying if you would like to test refill cartridges; they can be incredibly messy and may not work at all.  Ink and toner molecules vary greatly between brands and models, in consistency and melt and dry rates. Just because yellow looks yellow doesn’t mean that it is the right yellow for the printer.
Check with your local printer cartridge company to see what they recommend for your model printer.

3. Keep a complete set of cartridges ““on the shelf”.
When you install the additional cartridges, purchase more for a backup. This ensures that when run out, you don’t need to waste precious time waiting for more to get there. A reputable cartridge reseller should refund your unused cartridges against your new cartridges if they are unopened so you don’t have to worry about your printer failing to work and having surplus cartridges.

Purchasing a brand new printer doesn’t have to be a intimidating or costly procedure when you’ve got the correct help at hand.

The three buying-a-printer ideas above can save you money and time, both when you’re making your purchases, and after, when you find yourself replacing the cartridges.

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