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What Is The Best Investment You Will Ever Make?

2010 June 4
by buddy

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking and strategizing about building wealth and personal abundance.  We seem to dedicate a great deal of time and energy to the pursuit of richness. In that quest we often forget the most important source of richness we have: our self worth.

When your inner self is rich with acceptance and respect that is when boundless opportunities will become present. Your relationship with yourself is one of the most important investments you can make. Instead of (building up an impressive portfolio of stocks, options, and bonds, when you concentrate on building self-acceptance and self-respect, your net worth will soar.

Having a high level of self-esteem is the foundation to your overall success and well being. The investment in yourself is the most profitable investment you can make. The more you invest in your personal self worth, the better you will understand your core principles, your beliefs, and your dreams. These are your sources of capital. Based on your values and core principles you determine where and when to invest more resources. Whether you are making choicesto further develop your career path, your professional relationships, or your personal relationships, the higher your personal worth the clearer your choices will be.

High self worth and high self-esteem, affords you more investment opportunities and makes you more conscious of where and when you want to spend your personal resources.  Awareness of your personal value and your core values (think about the difference) allows you to get clear about the investments that are best for you.

Other than investing in your relationship with your self, investing in relationships with others is significant aspect of a meaningful life.  Personal relationships provide a great opportunity for personal growth, harmony and fulfillment. They give you an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Mutual beneficial relationships will also help you to improve your own personal worth while helping others to do the same.

The quality of your relationships directly affects the quality of your life.” (Dieter Pauwels – Life Strategy Coach)

The rate of return you get on your relationship investments is directly related to the aptness of the investment. Just as a wealth manager will ask you a series of questions to understand your investment profile, so should you take stock of your relationship investment portfolio:

Take a moment to reflect on the following life coaching questions:

  • What is the portfolio’s current worth?
  • What personal criteria do you use to determine the return on your investments?
  • In which relationships do you need to invest more of yourself?
  • Are there any relationships from which you need to withdraw some of your personal funds?
  • Are you paying any high ’emotional premiums’ on investments that drain your mental energy?

In the currency of relationships, the most valuable investment you can make is in the relationship you have with your self.  When your bank account is full of positive self-esteem, you have the capital needed to make wise and solid investments in relationships with others.  Building an investment portfolio rich in relationships will provide the foundation for all other investments on your life’s journey.

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