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What Government Car Auctions Are All About

2010 June 7
by buddy

Government car auction exposure is revealing what these auctions are all about. The Government becomes very secretive about where and when the auctions take place. People interested in attending know they exist. The cars being auctioned off by the Government are ones that have been repossessed or confiscated. The original owners of these cars are drug dealers or people who cannot pay both the loan on their cars or who owe taxes. Cars that are auctioned off at Government car auctions usually come from police impound.

The Government uses the money from these auctions to prosecute these offenders. In some cases, the money is also given back to the victims of the offenders. A majority of the money goes into escrow for whichever level of Government holds the auction. Government car auctions are great for people who are looking for high quality cars at cheap prices. The trick about these auctions is knowing where to find them and when they are going to be held. People who wish to attend these auctions often times have to pay to obtain the information as it is not public knowledge.

There are many agencies that scam people into believing they can give them the information on where these auctions are being held. The challenge is trying to find websites that will give this information for free. The Government makes people believe that they are extremely secret although the reason why they do this doesn’t make sense. The Government wants to sell these cars to make money and they know that there are many people interested; why not make these auctions public so they can bump up the prices and make even more money from those that are truly interested? The fact is, those who truly want you to believe these auctions are secret are the companies that want you to purchase the list of where the auctions are being held.

There are many Government sites that will provide information about all Government run auctions. Real estate auctions, car auctions, and auctions for general merchandise are among the. Government car auctions involve three Federal agencies in the auctions: the Department of the Treasury, the US Marshall’s Office, and the General Services Administration. These Government agencies will typically contract with several private agencies to hold the auctions although buyer’s fees are usually involved.

The Internet has become the most popular way to search for Government car auctions. You will be able to locate information on when and where these Government auctions will take place as well as being able to bid on these auctions online. More information can be requested by calling the Consumer Information Center in Pueblo, California at 1-888-878-3256. Other resources include local bulletin boards, newspapers, and magazines.

The information discussed in this article reveals the true intentions of Government car auctions. Before bidding, all interested auctionees will be required to register and must produce a photo ID. Once registered, you will receive a “bidder number” and a program list of all inventory up for auction. Take time during preview shows to look at the inventory list so you know exactly which item or items you plan to bid on. Auctioned items selling for more than $5,000 usually require a deposit to secure your winning bid while auction items selling for less than $5,000 require payment in full before the end of the day. Becoming familiar with the guidelines, rules, and expectations of the auction company is essential as each auction house operates differently from one another.

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