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Ways To Buy The Cheapest Term Life Insurance

2010 May 2
by buddy

life-insuranceWhen looking for whole life insurance vs term life insurance you have most likely heard the phrase:

“Better may not be cheaper and cheaper may not be better.”

But there is no other option than buying term life insurance.

Term Life Insurance Is The Only Choice For Instant Life Insurance

The main reason for life insurance is to protect those who depend on your income such as your children.

When the children grow up, finish school and start working (in less than 30 years time) they are no longer dependent on your income and you no longer need life insurance when that time arrives (unless you have others that may be slightly dependent on your income).

Instant Life Insurance Is Not A Get Rich Quick Upon Someone’s Death Scheme

Life insurance is just insurance….a precaution. If something does happen then the family is still protected. Only buy the amount of life coverage that you need. Do not waste additional money for the sake of making your family rich because it is very unlikely that you are going to die. Similar to home insurance term life insurance is just there as a precaution. It is the same concept as having car insurance as well. You are not going to get into a car accident but you need to have it so if you do, you are protected financially.


Remember to keep insurance and investments separate. Always keep your money for investing separate from the life insurance policy and away from the insurance companies. It is the worst deal / ripoff when a savings plan and / or investment is combined with a life insurance policy.

Beneath Are Types of Life Insurance Sold To You With An Investment / Savings Plan:

  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Universal Life Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Variable Universal Life Insurance

Skip Permanent Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance and purchase Term insurance instead. You will be glad you did. It is PURE LIFE INSURANCE with NO INVESTMENT or SAVINGS VEHICLE added to it and the savings are a huge difference.

It doesn’t get any cheaper being pure life insurance. Tally up the total coverage that is needed to protect your income for your family.

Now you can take additional discounts by

  • Compare Life Insurance Quotes
  • Compare the Life Insurance Companies
  • Purchase your Life Insurance Policy

Now you can rest easy knowing that your family is protected in case anything ever happens to you.

When you comparison shop for instant life insurance you will feel better knowing that you received the best deal.

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