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Useful Suggestions On How Most Joint Venture Giveaways Actually Function

2012 August 28

Joint venture giveaways are an excellent way to build your list within your target market. Those who attend and those who participate are trying to reach the same goal – business growth. Let’s have a quick look at how these ventures are put together.

First Things First

To participate in a joint venture giveaway all you have to do is sign up and register for the giveaway event. Sometimes you will visit one site and opt-in to receive your free “goodies”. Other times, you will visit numerous sites to receive the giveaways. When the event starts, you will have access to dozens or even hundreds (depending on the number of contributors) of free and helpful goodies for your business.

If you sign up for a joint venture event as a member, you might want to consider being a contributor. Contributors provide a giveaway that others can download. Contributors are also able to take part in the event. Depending on the joint venture giveaway event, it may be by invitation only or it may be open to anyone who wants to contribute. See what the organizer says. The worse they can say is “No!”  

Your Product Offering

If you feel that you want to contribute to a giveaway event, what are you going to offer? You can offer a product that you created or one that offers resell rights. Either way, members have to be able to download your product. You have the beauty of scaling here, as you can give your product to 2000 people as easily as two. And to take advantage of this quickly, seriously consider taking on someone looking into how to become a virtual assistant, or even a team looking into how to become a virtual assistant business, to maximise your efforts in a very short span of time.

As you ponder your giveaway, think about the following:

1. Who are the participants of the joint venture giveaway?

2. What are they hoping to get out of the event?

3. Do you have something of relevance?

4. Think how you want to showcase your business. Make sure that you really think about the makeup of your audience and what they’re looking for, as your giveaway has to give added value.


The majority of joint venture giveaways expect contributors to push the event to their Facebook communities, Twitter members or lists. After all, the more people know about it, the more everyone should be able to benefit. Don’t forget, someone looking into how to become a virtual assistant can help you with all the details, at a great price.

As you promote, don’t forget to post links on your site and/or blog. When you do this, anybody who’s interested in joining as a joint venture partner can get the information to sign on. Your readers and customers can join as members and get tons of free gifts.

What do you have that would be good as a giveaway? It’s time to think about this giveaway well before you are invited to take part. If nothing comes to mind, search private label rights stores for ideas and products. You can use brandable products that you have purchased and employ resell rights. It is better to produce it yourself, as it is more reflective of your company. If, as part of your business, you have membership site management solutions, give some free memberships to get people to complete your opt in form. Recording an interview with somebody interesting can be a good idea, as well. Put some thought into this as having a product ready to go will make the venture a lot easier and enjoyable.

Approach a joint venture giveaway project as a win-win for everybody. As a participant, you can see the list of giveaway items and promote the event yourself so others can share in the bounty. As a contributor, you and other JV partners are promoting the event to build your list. Joint venture giveaways are a fabulous, highly affordable way to gain hundreds of new leads in a short time.

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