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Top Romantic Flicks Of All Times

2010 May 21
by buddy

Romance has been an idiom in films which interests most of the folks, the majority of the time. Whereas most will leave you smiling, their are few masterpieces which really bring the glossy tear of joy to your eyes. Read on for some of the best that Hollywood has offered in romance.

You talk about romantic movies and ‘roman holidays’ is the necessary name. You can not afford to lose out on this. This movie is one of the most glamorous flicks ever made. The beautiful locations of Rome are certainly going to stimulate the romantic side of yours. The plot of the story is about 2 characters- a pauper and a princess and their journey of love. The characters are well played by actors Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. The film has a very unhappy ending which touches the hearts of the spectators and hence strikes a chord somewhere.

From Rome, move on to Russia. Anastasia is based on a Russian people story. Make sure that you do not confuse it with the 1997 20th Century Fox animated movie of the same name. This one stars Xmas Breyner though both are based on the same base idea of locating Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. The movie is known for some of the best performances ever by both the leads and is still considered among the best to come out of Hollywood.

Adding to the list of most romantic movies ever, is another name ‘Ghost’. Though love stories are always portrayed between 2 real and living people, this movie has a different story line altogether. The film showcases the love between husband and wife, with husband however being dead. Starring superb actors like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, this movie is romantic flick with an unusual twist. Whoopi Goldberg forms the lead actor of this film and has been ready to bag an Oscar for the brilliant performance in the movie.

Another in line ever romantic films is ‘Titanic’. Regardless of how frequently you watch the movie, it just doesn’t fail to impress you. A straightforward story shot in difficult sets makes Titanic a heart warming story of love. The perfect cherry on the icing is the tune sung by Celine Dion, which still continues to be in the middle of countless lovers.

If you need to see a love story which reflects the reality of life, ‘Pearl Harbor’ is the ideal pick. The flick reflects the actuality of the planet War II and its result on a love story which couldn’t fructify. Generally the love stories are extremely mushy and romantic with happy endings, but it is not true with this flick. It revolves around the love story about a couple in difficulty. Likewise , it gives you the opportunity to catch a peek of chemistry between Ben Affleck and Kate Bekinsale.

Apart from these, you will consider A Walk to recollect, Notting Hill and The Lake House. Any of these romantic films can be enjoyed curled up in the couch with popcorn in lap and the one by your side.

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