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Tips on Finding Great Content for Your Blog

2010 November 11
by buddy

In order to make your blog a successful money making entity, you’ll need to get traffic to it and keep them coming back. The best way you can do this is by making it interesting to your blog readers and provide them with the best content.

The most successful bloggers can also run out of their own original content. Some resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel to find things to discuss, but that ultimately loses them readers, which means less money streaming in.

Where do you find great ideas to post about? There are actually many different things to use to get you out of your stuck-in-a-rut mode. These techniques are simple yet effective when used right. Here are some things to try the next time you get stuck for something to write about:

Scouring the news sites. Maybe you can find a top story to blog about if you searched the news sites like MSNBC or FOXNEWS. Add your own accounting to the story instead of just linking it.

You can choose to post your personal feelings toward it or ask your readers what their thoughts are. Just make sure the story somehow relates to your blog’s topic.

You can check out the sites of your fellow bloggers and see what they’re blogging about. It may seem unethical, but as long as you’re not stealing content, it’s perfectly acceptable to see what the community is interested in.

Are you interested in any posts? Do you think you can add something to that particular post? Perhaps there’s a new spin to it. Do like the media does and keep your eye on the competition to see what the others are doing.

Internet research. You can search the Internet for the topic of your blog. You can come up with information concerning your niche. Maybe something you’ve read there inspired you or you can even post comments about it.

Time line, information lists, and mapping details are some ways to search with Google’s experimental search option. This can give you more ideas than the traditional search route:

Checking the video sites. YouTube has a lot of videos that you can add to your blog. Try to find something that relates to your blog’s topic. Have your readers share their thoughts on it once you’ve posted the video to your blog.

You can also consider reviews. A good filler while you’re trying to get inspired again are reviews. Choose some articles, websites, books or whatever you can think of that’s related to your blog’s topic and post a review of it. If it’s a good review, add your affiliate link and make some money from your opinions!

Some daily activities. Try to think about what happened in your day and you may find something to work into your blog. For instance, if your blog is about flowers and you saw some flowers during your walk, then you can use that as your post.

Let your readers know what kinds of flowers are seen in your neighborhood and if possible, take come pictures to add since visual stimulation enhances the reader’s experience.

You can easily get back your inspiration for your blog posting if you look to other sources. They can give you a nice filler until your personal inspiration comes back or help you come up with ideas you can share with your readers. Just because you’ve lost your inspiration doesn’t mean you need to lose your readers as well.

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