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Three Things To Receive From Your Managed Hosting Provider

2012 March 15

Many UK businesses do not have the ability to meet the resource requirements that are necessary for managing their online systems every day. A successful business with an online presence must maintain their web site hosting, online support systems, server hardware and other related systems in order to remain successful. When this is not possible, outsourcing to a UK managed hosting provider may be the most cost effective option.

Before you decide on an appropriate managed server host, know there are similar sounding services. Managed hosts oversee the processes that are needed when hosting a website. Managed services, on the other hand, offer the same thing from third parties. A managed host first configures the connection before linking the internet with the server. It will then monitor all activities on a regular basis.

If a business is small or you only use the website for informational purposes, much like a brochure, then managed hosting may not be the right option for you in relation to your expenses. However, if the company’s website attracts large amounts of traffic and the businesses itself is a large enterprise, company finances could be saved by using these services.

There are three things that you can expect from your hosting provider. First, it will allow a business to take advantage of their full range of processes and experiences in order to find solutions in less time and without the extra cost of other types of hosting methods.

Some plans such as dedicated hosting provide physical space at the base cost while additional services that may be needed will incur more resources. Managed hosting does neither but provides all necessary functions at one cost.

Second on the list of things to look for is the availability of scaling services. You, as the client, should be able to upgrade any part of your online presence at any time, from adjusting the server structure to increasing bandwidth. This is the mark of a good provider and one of its key advantages. Quality providers will have enough back up equipment readily available in order to provide quick scaling for you. Of course, every time you modify the server, the monthly fee will change with it.

It needs to offer clients year round 24 hour monitoring of online activities. Good questions to ask would be: what components does it monitor? How often does it return to each component? What is the response time should action be required? A quality provider keeps track of memory usage and connectivity, among many other things. You will be able to evaluate the server’s abilities yourself with access logs.

Different hosts will use slightly different methods of achieving these goals. Be sure to ask around and find out what the policies and procedures are of the one you are interested in. Costs will vary depending on who you choose but it will still be more cost-effective to do business this way than in-house.

One of the main advantages to business owners in UK managed hosting is the opportunity to be unhindered by your internet needs while remaining in full control of them. This is important in today’s global economic atmosphere, when keeping a fully working online presence is of the utmost importance in retaining your spot in the competition.

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