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The Top Ten Easy Tips On How To Boost Your Romantic Life Instantly!

2012 April 15

Has your sex life been a little bit neglected lately? It’s not like you don’t care, but you just need to find enough time and energy. It seems difficult some days because there’s work, cleaning, hitting the gym, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, laundry, kids, family obligations, close friends, and ironing! 

When you do get horizontal you pass out within seconds. Or you’re not in the mood. Or you simply just can’t be bothered. Soon enough four weeks has passed and you cannot recall the last time you had sex. And when was the last time you kissed your companion and I mean really kissed them, not just a polite peck? 

If this sounds like you and you need to kick start your sex life back into well, life, then read on. 

1. Be spontaneous

The element of surprise might be really seductive. Take a shower together, surprise your lover with a long passionate kiss when they are expecting to just graze lips, get some new lingerie and wear it.

2. Get healthy

Eating well and regular physical exercise can put you in better touch with your body and that inner healthy glow not only makes you look a lot more attractive, but gives you loads of energy and makes you feel more vibrant and alive.

3. Be affectionate

If you haven’t had sex for a while then it might be better to build up slowly to get back into the groove. Instead of trying to go from a standing start to racing speed, ease your way back into the physical by touching whenever you can and by being considerate with one another.

4. Be sensual

Give your companion a peppermint foot bath when they get home from work. Massage their hands, scalp, back or anywhere tickles your fancy.

5. Be inspiring when your lover does something you like 

Even if you have been together a long time, your partner doesn’t always know what you like. Say what you like and why you like it.

6. Read your lover an erotic bedtime story 

The mind is crucial in any attempt to resuscitate your sex life. It needs to be turned on first and the body will follow. There is some great erotic fiction around or you can try Nancy Friday for experiences about other people’s sexual fantasies.

7. Have fun 

When was the last time you laughed together? Put on your favorite song and boogie. Or go on a date. Join free dating websites and then go onto any free dating chat room to get some location suggestions. You don’t have to invest money to have a great time, just go on a free date!

8. Write a sexy note 

If you can’t tell your partner what you actually want them to do to you, then writing it down is really a fantastic alternative.

9. Experiment

Discover a brand new technique together. Try an intimate weekend away. Or you could try a sex toy. In case you constantly have sex lying down, then try standing or sitting. If you are constantly on top then try switching things up.

10. Focus on the now

Whenever you do get down to it, it’s crucial that you concentrate on what it is you are doing. To do this, you need to stop the chatter within your own head.

Do not worry that you forgot to grab the dry cleaning, or how you need to call your mother about her birthday, or the fact that you are out of cereal. Chances are it will not seem nearly as important when you are done.

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