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The Pros And Cons Of Marriage Counseling

2010 November 9
by buddy

Marriage counseling has arguably become a rite of passage for modern American couples. Social conservatives lament such facts are proof that the social fabric has frayed considerably while others view such developments as a positive sign that everyone is owning up to reality at last.

Whatever the case, marriage counseling has definitely been a growth industry, though whether such trends will hold in such recessionary times remains to be seen. What is expected, however, is that the need for such services will only increase – particularly in recessionary times. For what most drives couples apart isn’t sex or the children but money.

Marriage counseling often reveals that the main issue eating away at a relationship is one of control, or who has how much say over what. This is why it’s important to choose spouses with really similar values! But whatever the situation, the first thing to establish is clear and open lines of communication. Understanding is fundamental, and without good communications it is really unlikely for anything to be accomplished.

Interestingly, the choice to go into therapy or counseling frequently seems shameful but is a good sign, a sign that the couple in question is still willing to try to work things out somehow. The very agreement, however reluctant, to enter into a possible make-up instead of heading straight into breakup shows that honest communication is desired, at least minimally.

Depending on the situation, things may be so bad that the counselor or therapist has to meet each party separately, but the fact that any attempt is being made at all at a reconciliation is hopeful. However, while reconciliation may be desired, it does not follow that breaking up, despite counseling, means failure. In cases of intractable differences, going separate ways may actually represent the best possible option for all concerned.

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