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The Noble Virtues – 9 Principles for Self Improvement

2012 July 11

In a world of overly marketed quick fixes, self improvement PLR audio series, books, seminars and miracle products galore, it’s no wonder that the majority of those in search of real self improvement MRR become quickly overwhelmed amid the sheer level of choices available to them. But, a practical, time-tested guide for self improvement RR may be closer, more affordable plus much more an easy task to apply than you may be thinking.

 As is necessary inside our fast paced, society of thirty second sound bites and thirty millions dollar advertising campaigns, the proven, often perennial wisdom individuals past is overshadowed and down trodden under the fanfare surrounding another world-shattering self-improvement craze. However unlike what advertisers and gurus alike will show you concerning the paths and products they pitch, real self-improvement doesn’t have to be cut, canned, critiqued and categorically commercialized to become truly effective. For generations as well as for millennia, the essence of self-improvement would have been to be found within the Noble Virtues.

Self-improvement may be the consequence of work you, the individual (not various other person, product or thing) placed into or apply to yourself to improve your individual value. This could include but is certainly not limited by improving your health, character, communication skills, work ethic, coping mechanisms, memory or self awareness. Caused by which may be a growth in self-perception, self-esteem, attitude and/or an overall feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

 Within the Noble Virtues you will not get the often black and white, fly or die advise of profit-motivated professionals and fast talking fad consultants, but much more of a tool for individual interpretation and application. And even if this may at first seem a bit counter intuitive for someone searching for some solid advise or a definitive direction with which to start their transformation, in the end, much like numerous modifications we make an effort to make inside our individual lives, the information we learn, incorporate and make our very own is much better served plus more effective compared to rules and recommendations we force upon ourselves that in the long run, often lead to frustration, disappointment or failure.

 Allow me to provide you with a few types of how you can incorporate the Noble Virtues into an organized plan for self-improvement. First example. We all know what’s required to loose excess body weight. Consume less food and acquire more exercise. Applying the virtues of Courage to take a are a symbol of your quality of life and really start a weight loss program in conjunction with Discipline, to reduce out the snacks, slow up the serving sizes you take in and obtain out and walk briskly 4 times per week, it is possible to empower the info you have and successfully loose weight. Second example. If you want to boost your projects performance, you are able to put Industriousness to be effective in emphasizing processes to create work more efficient for your employer or yourself if you’re self-employed, and Self-reliance to prevent depending on other persons around you for solutions that you may be better equipped to produce and give coworkers. In order you can observe, the applying the Noble Virtues are only limited by knowing about it of them and what you choose to apply them as well. And the more familiar you become using the virtues, the more quickly you will make gains in a part of self-improvement you decide to undertake.

So with no further introduction, here are the Nine Noble Virtues for the review:

1 Honor – a sense of inner value derived from a noble sense of character and the desire to show respect for that quality when present in another. Honor is the highest standard of behavior and the mark of integrity.

2 Truth – being forthcoming and honest online websites all the time despite retribution or reprisal; to express what one knows to be real and right. It is best to state nothing, if a person cannot speak the reality.

3 Courage – the capacity to confront fear, pain, danger, intimidation and uncertainty in the face of failure, discouragement or death, also to do what can be done. Courage separates the worthy from your unwilling. Without courage, nothing great can be accomplished.

4 Fidelity – being loyal for your source and in keeping with your values without limitation. Expressing an unwavering devotion along with a clear resolve for your duty, family, leader and god. Fidelity may be the foundation of faith as well as the cornerstone of trust.

5 Discipline – a chance to be hard on oneself first, and then on others if necessary, in order that a greater purpose might be achieved. An orderly pattern of self-control, discipline corrects, molds and perfects our bodies and the mind. There isn’t any replacement for leading by example.

6 Hospitality – the willingness to talk about what you have with others and to graciously receive guests, visitors and strangers with kindness and goodwill. Hospitality strengthens the bonds of friendship and nurtures community.

7 Industriousness – the ability to work hard towards your goals, seen as an a steadfast, energetic effort being productive without waste. Efficiency could be the life-blood of innovation. Hard work may be the harbinger of success.

8 Self-reliance – the real spirit of independence, relying on one’s own efforts and abilities to attain what is good not just for the individual also for the group. Rely upon yourself, for god won’t have his work done by cowards.

9 Perseverance – a chance to stay the course and pursue your dream with dogged conviction in spite of setback, opposition, discouragement or defeat. The hero will prevail despite failure; the street to success wasn’t paved from the weak.

 It is possible to achieve continual self-improvement utilizing the Noble Virtues. You can set the course for your individual development with this resource in hand and set the “self,” back in self-improvement without investing in a shelf packed with books or even a closet full of products. Apply the Noble Virtues inside your pursuit of personal development and you shall find the rewards of self-improvement rightfully yours.

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