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Address Correction: Make Your Business More Effective

2012 March 6

A customer is navigating through an ecommerce website when they see an item they want to buy. They place the item in their online shopping cart after which initiates the checkout process. Having never shopped with this business before, they quickly enter their information and click submit. They receive a verification on their end that the purchase has been processed.

On the company’s side, however, the situation is somewhat different. The customer was in such a hurry that they entered incorrect information into the online form. There is a typo or two in the customer’s address, and because of that, the item is undeliverable. Actually, the business may only find that this is the case after an initial delivery attempt is made. Following several emails and phone calls trying to get the customer’s real information, all that comes out of the procedure is a aggravated customer and a lost sale.

Whether your online company processes two orders a day or two thousand, you will need to obtain the correct customer information so this scenario is not one that your online business needs to take care. Consumers will usually mistype or forget to put in information by accident. By applying address correction software at checkout time, you can prevent a lot of these issues.

Address Verification Software

Address verification software is a simple way to ensure that the address data that your customers are supplying you with are valid, deliverable addresses. It functions behind the scenes to fix small errors in a customer’s address, or, in the event of a more significant error, the program will prompt the user to input correct information.

This is a small change that many customers will not even notice, but one that will save your online business time and money lost in tracking down customers and sending orders to incorrect addresses. It can even help you enhance your customer service ratings.

Of course, adding address software will not solve every customer issue, but it can help a lot to correct small mistakes in spelling and search for other major concerns like whether or not an address is actually valid. If you operate an online business, address verification is among the most critical things you can do to eliminate a lot of issues before they even start.

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