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Surgery-free Face Lift Alternatives

2010 April 21
by buddy

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Not everyone is keen to undergo surgery in order to attain a more youthful look. For those who would rather not, there options to bring back your youthful appearance that don’t involve surgery. Obviously, non-surgical facelifts are those types of cosmetic face lift procedures which eliminate invasive techniques and provide what most hope to be comparable results to face lift surgery. Just as there is no one standard facelift procedure, non-surgical facelifts come in a variety of options as well.

Thread lifts, or feather lifts, are one option for those who aren’t totally scared of needles but want to stay away from invasive surgical procedures. Thread lifts use FDA-approved barbed thread to keep skin tight underneath the surface and typically last five years on average. Thread lifts cost approximately$400 and up per thread. The usual who gets a thread lift is 45 and under and uses approximately 4 threads in each treatment area, which makes the average bill around $3200..

Acupressure exercises enhance your complexion, skin tone and stress line,improving facial muscles and firming your skin to reduce signs of aging. Historically used across Asia for thousands of years, these techniques are meant to improve aging skin using natural techniques. These precise techniques, when done consistently over time, can reduce the need for cosmetic face lift surgery and extend the look of youth in your skin

Botox is another effective face lift alternative for people wanting to avoid costly surgical facelift costs. Botox injections lessen the appearance of fine lines by relaxing the facial muscles using a series of injections. These small injections take only minutes to complete, have no recovery time and the results are visible for up to four months. You may experience a bit of sensitivity, but it is minor and quickly vanishes post-procedure. The usual Botox bill is about$400-$600.

A second face lift alternative you may consider are Collagen injections, which involves infusing the skin with naturally occurring protein, evening out the facial tissues and hiding any visible wrinkles and fine lines. If you’re looking for another choice, rather than collagen, both Radiesse and hyaluronic acid compounds are great options are considered to be safer than the material used in collagen and treatments from both are just as successful. These treatments range from $350 – $600 per procedure. The above alternatives, including botox and collagen,are known as liquid facelifts.

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-surgical face lift alternative that gives comparable effects in relation to facelifts and other options engineered to undo or stop aging. Great candidates for this alternative are individuals with damaged skin that isn’t sagging but does suffer from sun spots and fine lines, most notably around mucous membranes around the mouth and eyes. Dermabrasion and microdermabrasion are techniques of monitored skin injury that can be categorized within the realm of skin resurfacing. Also within this area are chemical peels.

Face Lift Creams are largely accessible, both at your local grocery store and in the most upscale of department stores. Many creams pledge to do anything from remove and reverse wrinkles to take 20 years off your face, but only a few are actually able to do this. Honestly speaking, anti-aging and Face Lift Creams are the least invasive alternatives, but they’re also quite temporary in results and can end up costing thousands of dollars over the years compared to surgical methods. These non-surgical options also contain inflammatory and irritating components which might aggravate skin or bring about other problems. Should you choose to go with a face cream, choose one with ingredients such as retinal, kinetin, copper peptides, coenzyme Q10 and hydroxyl acids in sizeable amounts; all of these materials have had very favorable assessments from others who wanted to reverse the aging process while avoiding surgery as well.

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