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Simple Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Article Marketing

2012 September 13

You could easily compile a large list of ways to generate website traffic, such as social networking, pay per click, banner ads, etc. Yet what is the one very reliable and powerful way to get targeted traffic without spending money for it? Article marketing is the only strategy that fits this description. Given below are a few article marketing tips that will help you get clearer about it. Here are some Internet marketing advice :

Although the resource box appears at the end of your article, it’s still one of the most critical parts of it. Don’t make the typical newbie mistake of using the resource box to talk about yourself and not about the product or service you are offering. The resource box gives you the opportunity to describe your product’s benefits. You don’t want to divert the reader with pointless information about yourself. Instead, try to blend in your resource box with the body of your article in such a way that it becomes a part of it. In a way, this is the most important part of the article, as it is where the reader decides to click (or not) on your link. You can see why you should do everything you can to design a resource box that practically forces people to click on your link. When you create your link for your resource box, use anchor text, as this will help you to build backlinks. You can increase your clickthroughs by offering something free in your resource box. A more widely accepted way for getting your articles some exposure is submitting them to article directories. There are many such directories on the web that are free to use and publish your articles with. There are some directories that prefer to approve the articles you submit, but some don’t, and both options are a good way to build exposure for your articles. You could also find your articles get reprinted by other webmasters looking for good quality content to add to their own sites. For any article that is reprinted this way, the webmaster must include your resource box, along with a link back to your website. Since many of these publishers are looking for high quality content, your articles will prove to be a great addition to their website or newsletter. Article directories receive plenty of traffic from search engines, so if you write articles that are keyword focused, you could benefit from a surge in traffic numbers. All in all, submitting articles to directories like this can yield great returns. The results you can achieve from this form of marketing are worth the effort.

Always write your articles to include plenty of white space around your text. Short paragraphs, sub headings or bullet points can be a good way to make it easier for visitors to scan for the information they want. Make your articles easy to scan, as most people won’t hang around to read every word. Your article will appear far more professional this way. Nobody will hang around to read a continuous chunk of text with no spacing.

In conclusion, article marketing is the most powerful method for getting new people to visit your website; you job is to figure out how and when to get this done.

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