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Simple Google AdSense Mistakes To Avoid Making

2011 February 26

If you are into Internet marketing then you should know that it is very important that you monetize your website correctly. Even though there is a wide variety of methods for this, Google Adsense has become the most popular method for making money on a website or on a blog. The reason so many people use Google AdSense is that it is easy to incorporate into just about any site and it gives very fast results. Of course, if you really want to make money on Google AdSense you need to remember that the program has rules and that you are required to honor them. When you fail to do so, Google may simply shut down your account. Given below are three common mistakes that AdSense publishers tend to make a knowingly.If you want to use Google Adsense to its best effect make sure you promote services such as Dominating Video.

If you’re new to AdSense, then you need to know that you are never to click-through the ads on your site – that goes for your friends who may want to help you out, too. This is the most common mistake that publishers make and it can get your AdSense account banned. Never tell any of your friends or office associates to click on your ads. Sometimes people can try to hurt you by purposely clicking your ads; well, if there are repeated clicks that happen to fast from the same location, then they only count the first one. Maybe some people are dumb enough to try to use software applications to generate false clicks; that won’t work, either. Unless you don’t care if you get banned, then it’s your decision if you want to try and game their system. There are people who earn an excellent income from Adsense, and you can do the same if you approach it properly and build your business. Naturally, all of this will require work and patience on your part as well. Next we’ll tell you that you can get yourself in hot Google water if you decide to edit the code for their Adsense ads. You’ll have options that will allow you to customize the look of your ads. So, whatever you want to do, do it outside the code, but never try to mess with the ad in any way. If you do change it, first you’ll be in hot water with Google, secondly it will probably stop working. As stated, but we’ll say it again, you’ll be banned from Adsense; plus the code will more than likely stop working. We know people who have had Adsense for many, many years, and they just follow the simple rules set forth.If you are just researching Google Adsense and want to observe how it can advertise your business a prime example is Dominating Video.

It is very important that you do not keyword stuff your content or use excessive advertising. Yes the definition of excessive depends upon a number of factors but it is still quite possible to make good money from AdSense if you have targeted content, good keywords and proper ad placement. Advertising excessively isn’t necessary. The same is true with keyword stuffing because doing that doesn’t serve any real purpose. All in all, from the above article we come to understand that Google AdSense is all about following the rules and regulations so that you create a strong, long term relationship with Google.

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