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SEO Strategies – What You Need to Succeed

2011 June 1

There will never be a shortage of SEO techniques to implement to make sure your sites get found by interested visitors. It may come as a surprise to some people though that even the best strategies don’t generate the best outcomes. One possible reason behind this is that a number of site owners may not be privy to the real keys to successful strategy implementation.


The first key is consistency. This means that whatever technique you choose to use, you have to implement it using a regular plan or schedule. In article marketing for example, there is a need to at least estimate how many articles you plan to submit within a certain span of time. This piece of advice applies to other SEO techniques as well such as video marketing, podcasting and social bookmarking.

It probably isn’t a good idea to implement your methods using a routine that resembles the regularity of automated submissions. You do need to make sure though that you don’t slack off just because you aren’t feeling up to the task. You need to consistently follow through with your plan.


The second important key is quality or value. This consideration implies that you have to be careful with your choice of tools and options. In link building for instance, you have to choose only those sites that carry outstanding reputations as measured by page rank and other similar factors. Choosing to follow an SEO strategy only with top quality options is your best way to establish a sterling reputation among engines and real visitors.


The third top point to remember is to try to be as diverse as possible. What this means is utilizing a lot of optimization strategies. There are a number of specialists who focus on using only a chosen set of methods. This may be because of the need to maximize the use of limited time and resources. Often though, it is more advantageous to use different options.

Diversity is an excellent concept because this is the best way to set up high quality links. You’d be able to realize this if you look at the quality of directories. Many of them have low page ranks. Instead of submitting your links to just these sites, you’d be at a greater advantage if you use SEO strategies that provide a variety of places for you to leave your links.

Diversification isn’t just good because of the link value that you get. When you choose to follow a variety of techniques, you also obtain access to more traffic from different areas. There are a lot of people for example who might not like reading articles. You might still be able to lure them in however if you have videos and podcasts.

Of course, there are instances when some strategies are better than others. This fact would normally depend on niche type. In general, diversity is good but you need to actually assess your online business and determine if the concept of variety applies to it. Some experts just opt to use more of one technique. Some may therefore use video marketing more than article marketing.

There are so many simple search engine optimization techniques that you can experiment with. To get the best results however, always be consistent in implementing high quality diverse techniques.

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