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Phenomenal Pointers On The Real Benefits Of Signature Lines

2012 September 18

A signature line is good for more than your name. Some people seem to think that they don’t need them as their name already shows up in the header. For an online business owner trying to build their website development business, avoid overlooking such a helpful tool.

In school, you learn that you always have to have a salutation at the end of your letter. In electronic terms, this is called a signature line. Remember to use it and take advantage of this valuable style of website promotion.

Think of all the places that you are provided with the option of using a signature line:

• E-mail
• Forums
• Newsletters
• Text Messages
• Social Networks
• Instant Messages

A signature line doesn’t have to be used for just your name. Include your website information here. When you choose to have your signature automatically added to each email, text, forum post, etc. everyone gets to see and read it. Regardless of whether they are personal communications or business, your little personal billboard goes with them.

Forums are active places and your signature line should definitely be seen. Generally speaking, you are not allowed to advertise in forums, so this is the way to tell people about you and what you represent. Through regular interaction, your signature line will be seen more and more and eventually people will take an interest in the information that you have. How is that for free advertising with minimal work? Use it effectively and make each word have consequence. The first thing you should put is your name. Think about putting a traditional salutation in front, if you like. For example:

• Sincerely,
• With Best Wishes,
• Warmly,
• Have A Great Day, etc.

Add your website link on the next line. This will be a clickable link and automatically appear in blue on most e-mail programs. The underlined word is tempting to most. They’ll click out of curiosity if nothing else. If any of this seems too difficult, or if you simply don’t have the time to fiddle with your signature, consider requesting the assistance of a professional virtual assistance provider to get you through.

What to do next? You can put another link if you have more than one website or if you have a blog. Some businesses have a tagline as a part of their brand. If you have one, use it on the next line (in quotations) below your website link.

Your signature line does not have to remain the same ad infinitum. You can change your signature line as you need to in order to keep it fresh, and alert others to anything new and exciting you may be doing. For example, after creating a new website, put that link in your signature line so that others can access and see what it’s all about.

Most virtual assistants will tell you that you can add signature lines to your mobile phones these days. This works great for text messaging especially. While most people will put personal signatures in their text messages, take a minute to decide if your website would be a good fit for this.

Do you use social networking sites? For business marketing, these can be great places and with a correctly formatted signature line you’re giving your business that extra push. Don’t forget, an “on point” virtual assistant can help you with all the details.

What are you doing with your signature line? If you are leaving it off, rectify the situation right away. Think of the traffic you may be losing!

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