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Making Sure The Content On Your Website Works For SEO

2011 November 11
by buddy

Having high quality SEO content is very important to the success of a website or blog and as more people begin to realise this, there is a bigger demand for this. If you are wondering what is meant by SEO content, it is content that ensures our website performs better in the search engines because it gets noticed by the search engine bots. Some people will focus mainly on making their articles SEO friendly but it is a better idea to focus on the quality of your writing as well. Here are a few ideas for how you can create winning SEO content for your website.

– If you want to attract visitors to your site then you have to start thinking about which keywords to use. You can use the Google keyword tool to help you with this if you are not sure. The main keyword that you choose should be in the title of the article and you should make sure the body of your article includes the other keywords that you have chosen. It is probably best to aim for a 2% keyword density for the keywords you are most trying to target.

– Customising your URL with the name of your article is something you should try to do.

– The main keyword that you are targeting should be in the first sentence of your article or the first paragraph at the very least. It should also be used again in the final paragraph.

– Keyword stuffing is something to avoid; this will make your article hard to read and visitors will be put off. It is obvious when somebody is keyword stuffing and it always negatively impacts the article.

– If it comes to the choice between SEO and quality writing, the quality should always win. It is not a good idea to sacrifice your content in order to use SEO tools.

The above are just a few ideas for those who want to make sure their content is good for SEO.

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