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Learn How these Article Marketing Tips Can Help You

2012 September 4

If you were to research strategies to get traffic, you would find many different options, from posting to free classified sites to forum marketing to PPC. But what is that one technique that doesn’t cost a penny but still gives great results? This singular technique is article marketing. We will now give you some ways to use article marketing to get more targeted traffic to your site. Here are some Internet marketing advice :

When you start marketing with articles, you should try and get them in front of as many people as possible. The more people that read your articles, the more positive your response will be in the end. One of the best ways of doing this is getting them ranked and indexed by the major search engines. Sure, anyone can crank out a simple article, but it’s hard to write articles that rank for specific keywords. Even though a lot of free search engine traffic exists, you must still be certain that your articles have good keywords. The first way to accomplish this is by doing productive keyword research.

When you recognize what your target marketing is looking for in particular, you can produce articles that have those specific keywords. There’s a popular article marketing method called ‘Bum Marketing’, which tells you to write articles on long tail keywords that have less competition but a high search volume. Bum Marketing is based upon your articles getting ranked fairly easily due to low competition, which relies on the principle of SEO. Don’t have articles with more than a 4% to 5% density. When you finally learn how to get your articles ranked by the search engines, you won’t be looking back. This provides your article marketing efforts that extra push that you were looking for. One of the more frequent ways an article can be promoted is by submitting it to any of the many article directories. There are many such directories on the web that are free to use and publish your articles with. Although some of them require you to wait for approval, the majority of them are easy to get in. Besides, if you write high quality articles, you could find that other webmasters will reprint them on their own sites or newsletters. For any article that is reprinted this way, the webmaster must include your resource box, along with a link back to your website. Webmasters are always seeking good quality content, so your article could become a good source of content for their own site or ezine. Also, these directories get direct traffic from the search engines, so if your article has the right keyword density and is well optimized, then you can expect a good amount of visitors from the search engines. Overall, the benefits you derive out of submitting your articles to the directories are immense. Work on finding time to add this tactic to your marketing arsenal for the best results.

This article marketing tip is actually very different from what you usually get. Use your articles to the fullest by converting them into videos. This may seem like a crazy tip, but you will have great results if you use it. This is a way to recycle your existing article content and taking it to the next level.

Create a video and utilize the information in your article as content for your video. This would generate lots of interest from people who are more accustomed to watching videos. You submit your video to YouTube and other such sites that show videos.

In conclusion, article marketing is a great way to improve your online business and get you to the next level.

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