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Learn How these Article Marketing Tips Can Help You

2011 September 27
by buddy

You can find information online about a wide variety of ways to get website traffic, from pay per click advertising to social bookmarking. Out of all these methods, there is one that stands out for the results it brings while costing nothing. Yes, we’re talking about article marketing here. Given below are a few article marketing tips that will help you get clearer about it. Here are some Internet marketing advice :

The goal of article marketing is to get your articles seen by as many people as possible. The more people that see them, the more positive the response will be. One of the best ways of doing this is to get them ranked and indexed by the major search engines. Its easy to write articles, but not everyone can write articles that are able to rank for a chosen keyword. Although there is a lot of free search engine traffic, but you should still ensure that your articles are optimized with the correct keywords. The first step towards succeeding with this method is effective keyword research.

When you realize what your target market is looking for, you can write articles that contain these keywords. Bum Marketing is a very recognized article marketing plan that recommends using long tail keywords in your articles because these keywords don’t have much competition, but a lot of searches. The method utilizes the principle of SEO, where your articles are ranked very easily if there aren’t a lot of other competing sites. Make sure the keyword density in your articles is not more than 4% to 5 %. When you finally learn how to get your articles ranked by the search engines, you won’t be looking back. This will give your article marketing the campaign that deserved added boost.

Articles used for marketing should be packed with information, but not too long. You should assume that your readers have limited time, so it’s better to keep articles on the short side. A shorter article that draws the reader in, gives him or her a taste and leaves them wanting more is ideal. When your articles are very long, that also means you are not going to leave your readers looking for more. This not only makes the article boring but also doesn’t leave any reason for the reader to visit your website. Use your article to tell them a few good ideas, but make them realize they have to visit your website to get the rest. Use your articles to get your audience’s attention, but you really want them to go to your site. As you progress with your article marketing, you’ll be able to improve your conversion rate and the amount of targeted traffic you can generate.

To succeed with article marketing, you need more than readers, you need people who are converted into website visitors. One clever technique you can use is to publish articles that are not complete. All you have to do is make it a two part article and only include part one when you publish it. Ask your readers to visit your website for the second part of it. This increases your conversion rate, if you create a quality article and invoke curiosity. Just be sure to make it clear in your resource box what readers have to do to make sure they understand it.

All in all, article marketing is definitely the most effective way to get traffic to your site; you just need to know how and when.

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