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Is it time to dump cable and satellite & watch TV online?

2010 August 9
by buddy

With the many and wide-ranging sources of live internet TV available online. From websites ranging from Hulu to Youtube and the many network websites, not forgetting catch up tv. Is now the time to kick out the conducting wire TV and say sorry to satellite tv?
Not forgetting the new range of internet equipped TV’s nigh to flood the market, there is now a real and genuine reason to save some cash whilst not losing out on the choice. Admittedly cable & satellite avails do have some features missing from online TV sites such as a wide choice of HD content. Even in this area though, online TV websites are adding more and more high definition programs.
But what about the agio shows available from the big boys such as HBO and Showtime? You will still want to watch top shows like Sopranos each week. Well there is now a real possible action that these companies will start allowing streaming online. It will incur a cost of course, but much less than current subscriptions.

However Netflix are currently await into striking a deal to allow much more recent and popular content to be streamed via its service See – Netflix to start streaming Premium shows
Of course there could be a conflict of interest if HBO were to allow this to happen but it makes sense for HBO to have as many distribution outlets as possible. The internet tv market is moving so quick  that they wont want to be left behind.

afterward the massive success of its online streaming service, it has come to our tending that Netflix could well be adding a premium service to its ‘Watch Instantly’ online movie and TV show streaming website.
Netflix provide free to its subscribers close to 12000 online streaming TV episodes and movies.  Netflix have admitted that they are considering the evolution but it would carry an extra $10 cost to the monthly subscription.

A recent survey sent to a selection of Netflix’s subscribers asked whether they would be interested in the new service of observance premium content on Netflix enabled devices such as Tivo, PC, Roku and Xbox 360. The survey listed some of the movies & shows to be made available and included Rome, The Wire and fledge of the Concords. Movies included Children of Men, I Am caption, and Jumper.

Whatever way it goes and im thinking that premium content is the way it will go, it can only be good for the consumer.

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