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Improve Your Scrapbooking Skills With These Advanced Techniques

2010 October 24
by buddy

Are you getting bored with the beginner tactics you learned as a scrapbooker just starting out? Are all your scrapbooks beginning to look like copies of each other? If so, it may be time that you began implementing advanced techniques to take your scrapbooks to a higher level.

If you’re beginning to lose inspiration for your scrapbooks, take a look at the following advanced techniques and see if it opens the door to more scrapbooking fulfillment for you.

Matchbook-size scrapbooks. You can now create scrapbooks that look like small matchbooks. To give you an idea, think of the fact that many parents take a picture of their child on the first day of school. A cover resembling a matchbook can be placed over the picture; when the cover is lifted, the picture is displayed. In addition, you can include a few tokens representing that particular school year.

Use up those leftover scraps. Bits of those scraps can be used to create a mosaic you can adorn your scrapbooking pages with. You can cut up tiny scraps in minuscule pieces and then arrange them as a mosaic border to use around your pages. If you use a background page in a color which contrasts the colors of the pieces you used, you will create an illusion of grout, the same as you would see in a ceramic mosaic pattern.

Give your pages new dimension by adding silhouettes. Cropping your photos to create silhouettes really makes your pages stand out. Make sure to cut the pictures close to the subject lines to make them look more real to whoever is flipping through the pages.

Add decorative cuts. Are you tired of the same old look of your cuts? Simply using decorative scrapbooking scissors can freshen up your cuts. Using different types of decorative scissors, you can add triangles, corkscrew and art deco patterns to your project.

Become your own background designer. If you have a hard time finding a background paper that fits your need, don’t hesitate to make your own. Decorating a piece of background paper with sponge paint is easy, and you can add any shape and color you wish. You can even be extra creative and finger paint it.

Scrapbooking can be fun for the beginners as well as the more advanced memory-keeper. Feel free to experiment and grow with your projects, and try to come up with different ideas you can share with others who enjoy scrapbooking too. Tap into your scrapbooking creative source and enjoy the process.

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