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How To Make Your First Dollar Online

2010 May 16
by admin

internet-marketingMaking money online is a dream of many and a reality for only a select few. The fact that there are so many information products out there that promise to teach you how to make money online creates nothing but confusion. Many newbies fall into the vicious circle of buying these info products, not taking action, then moving on to the next hyped up product. That circle is not only bad, it can cost a fortune.

With so many different ways to make money online, information overload is evident and yet even after reading a whole bunch of ebooks and watching training videos, one still may not know what to do or how to go about doing it.

So how exactly do you get started and make your first dollar online? What system, out of the 100s collecting dust on your hard drive, should you follow? I’ll answer all your questions right here.

The first thing you want to do is to do away with the clutter. Quantity of information does not translate into quality information. The only valuable information is that which you actually take action on. Buying the next big thing or looking for the magic pill will not only burn a hole in your pocket, but will also leave you far more confused that you were to begin with. Stop buying new information products promising you to take you from rags to riches. Information overload is a surefire way  NOT to make money online.

As you know, there are number of ways to make money online. There’s affiliate marketing, product creation, pay per click, pay per lead, website flipping, niche blogging and what not. All of these methods work, at least for some people. Now, the trick to real online success is picking up a method and staying with it. Many internet marketers make the mistake of jumping from one method to the next hoping to rake in oodles of cash in a small amount of time. This is a recipe for failure. You can succeed online, and anywhere else for that matter, but only by spending time on one method for some time. There is no magic pill and no shortcuts.

So the next logical step is to pick a system. Each method to make money online has its up sides and down sides and involves a different type of work. So what you need to do is identify what you core competencies are and what are the things you are good at. Once you have done that, you can easily find a system that complements your strengths and makes up for your weaknesses.

If you ask any internet marketer how they saw success in their fields, they’ll tell you that they picked up what worked and simply replicated it. These methods that ‘worked’ are nothing but ways to meet the demand for some type of information. People all over the world demand information and if you can supply that in a convenient and easy to use manner, you’re golden.

Try to find what people are looking for, pick a method and provide that information to them and you will be able to see not just your first, but thousands of dollars online.

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