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How to make your blog to be the number one

2010 August 25
by buddy

Will you believe that blogs are just potent enough to do different things? For instance, if you want the world to know that you’ve a beautiful little baby girl, all you need to do is to post a blog on your own site or on a blogging community saying such proclamation. In case you are not yet contented, you can screen the picture of your baby girl by means of photo blogging. Simply post her picture and the world will know.

It’s essential if that’ll be the case. However the strength of blogging is now beginning to be used for black propaganda. In what sense? Take the subsequent instances: There are people who are using blogs to exercise their political rights by revealing some terrible expose about certain federal officials that generates personal revenues from a government-funded commercial infrastructure project.

The point here is anybody can actually make a blog with out any censorship that will stop him to post what he wants to post. Much worse, the identity of the blogger is at great risk. What if that federal official founds out your real identity and will make way to eliminate you out of his way? Not only your identity is at stake, but also your life as well.But the above-pointed out concerns should not prevent you from composing blogs notably if you have good intentions in doing so. Instead, you will be inspired to keep your blog private or accessible only on particular trusted individuals. This document will show the simplest precaution you can take on how to maintain your personal privacy so that you can still convey yourself without facing worse or even fatal consequences. If followed correctly, these precautions can save you from the consequences and from distress or just from plain weirdness looking at your friends and co-workers.

The safest way to express yourself especially when your blog contains uncensored or weird items is to blog anonymously. It is just like writing a poem and taking the “Anonymous” as your author’s name. However, being anonymous in a blog is not only just as easy as you may think.For instance, you intend to make a blog that tackles your terrible working surroundings in your company without jeopardizing your boss or co-workers discovering that you’ll be eventually writing about them. Here are some of the methods and technologies you can use making it hard for anyone to trace your uncensored blog back.

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