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Great Holiday Reads For Women

2011 October 23
by buddy

Have you ever seen women on holiday reading a sensible book? No either have I and I doubt I ever will. As soon as the sun creams on and there bikini’s bottoms hit the sun lounger a dirty or deranged novel appears in their hands, have you ever even attempted to read one? the marvellously bad mannered or of a ghastly sexual nature which i suppose women love reading while topping up there tans Dominican republic holidays or Mauritius holidays.

The Books to Have:

Rock Chick – Ronnie Cooper

A Devious and raunchy number based on desperate women wishing to change her difficult life style by becoming a band “groupie”, she gets wound up in the world of rock and roll a industry dominated by men but she thrives through prepared to do whatever it takes. Great compelling read which will appeal to most women who love a bit of “Girl Power”

pictures of Lilly – Paige toon

Pictures of Lilly this one is a little less raunchy but is still a fantastic read for your Antigua holidays set in sunny Australia this compelling story involves a young lady reluctant to agree to her boyfriends marriage proposal because she can’t get the thought of her first love out of her head.

you’ll love this if take an interest in the mentality of relationships

The Wish- Sasha Blake

A novel which openly displays how much power women forcefully use over men! Lulu looking for the perfect man who’s rich successful and good lucking she’s also wants a much needed father figure for her child, the man who fits the glove is her recently engaged boss, all lulu has to do now is make him see she’s the one.

A fantastic read which will give you Sexual confidence boast to you’re sexuality.

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