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Google Slap Again !

2009 July 21
by admin

google-slapPay per click is undoubtedly THE advertising breakthrough of the 21st century. For the first time in history, you only show your ad to people already interested in what you’ve got to offer, … and you only pay when they visit your “store”.  And one of the big pay per click advertising network is Google.

The Google Slap is a term used unaffectionately by mainly small businesses that rely on AdWords accounts through Google to drum up business for their sites.  The Google Slap (which technically is really “The Google Adwords Slap”) is really an adjustment made to AdWords that penalizes (slaps) advertisers who have landing pages and sites with little content.

But recently, Google have added code which screens for affiliate links on the landing pages. It dropped the hammer today on affiliate review pages.   Many pages went from quality scores of 10 to 1 overnight.

And these were NOT sites with little content.  They are well build, updated regularly, have good navigation, etc.  But still their quality score went down and it really hurt.  Glenn Livingston conclude that Google’s on the war path against affiliate review sites.  It also seems You could cheat Google for now using link cloaking and PHP redirects.

He also recommend to have different business model such as a deeper list building/relationship building strategy and/or a strong e-commerce model.

Hear what Perry Marshall say about this Google Slap here.

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