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Gogglebox TV Free download limited time offer

2010 October 7
by buddy

Gogglebox TV is a great live internet TV software download thats been around for a few years. Its a great package and has auto updating of channelises so its never out of date. To celebrate the latest edition which includes video search and a favorites feature our good friends are offering Gogglebox TV Free for a limited time.

Gogglebox TV in case you havent heard of it is a great software natural covering written in visual raw material that allows you to interpret hundreds of free internet tv streams plus video search and many free bonus items. So get in there quick before the offers gone.

Chinese Video sites Youku and Tudou set to take over? We all know that China is getting bigger and buying up all the Western Companies, buying up all our resources, oil and minerals. But even worse it looks like it will take over internet TV.

Latest figures show that the Chinese are now the biggest user of the internet in the world and they supply all the best P2P software too.. Latest data from the China Internet TV Network entropy Center showed that China’s internet useage reached 220 million at the rout of 2008, The American internet useage was 216 million during the same period.

Interestingly in this enormous market, a battle is raging between the two biggest Chinese YouTube copycat websites. Both Youku and Tudou are after the monolithic Chinese viewing public and it has encouraged Western Companies to get tortuous namely Myspace.

Both video sites are growing at an awing speed. Youku has seen a 20 plus fold video views increment to more than 100 million daily video views and Tudou has grown from 131 to over 360 million video clips viewed per week during a 3 month period.

At this rate and if they find a way to monetize and monopolise on there enormous hearing then Youtube will soon be the little baby of full general video sharing sites.

When im not in front of my PC watching movies or Internet TV then im on the move watching movies and TV on my mobile. Except its not a good experience and ordinarily only clips, but this May you will be watching full length movies via your cell and mobile phones. AT&T mobile TV has joined with Sony Pictures TV to enhance our cell phone movie experience.

This mobile phone channel is called PIX and will show titles such as the classic Ghostbusters and Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, Karate Kid, Groundhog Day amongst others. The movie titles will be available for around a month and new films will be added hebdomadally.

Heres Sonys statement:-
“Pix will give viewing audience their own personal movie theater wherever they take their mobile phones,” “It’s a mobile finish channel for convenient, gratifying entertainment.”

MediaFLO, which appears to have the momentum as the technology of choice for U.S. mobile TV systems, may not be an nonsuch mate for the concept because it “clipcasts” data, Barrett said.
“MediaFLO has this power to, essentially, send out little bits of data at night when you’re not messing around with the phone and you wake up and have a firearm of video to view on-demand,” he commented. “The challenge with streaming a full-length movie is, it’s all about scheduling. What are the odds that I’m going to have two hours to watch the phone as they’re starting to run the movie? Five proceedings in a cab is certainly imaginable, or if I have two hours to kill during a flight holdup.”

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