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Get More Backlinks Using These Three Techniques

2010 November 7
by buddy

If you want to increase your website’s search engine ranking and its chance of success, you need to take advantage of link building. Think of a web link as a vote, and search engines like Google as ballot counters with special algorithms that count not only the quantity of sites linked to your web page, but the quality of those pages as well. As your links (votes) increase, so does your search engine page rank. This article will show you 3 tips on getting the best back links.

Advertising as a Link Building Tool

A good way to get safe backlinks effectively is to connect your website to myBlogLog, Twitter, Technorati along with other web 2.0 sites that will link back to your blog or website as soon as they get notified of any changes. These popular web 2.0 pages do the hard work for you. All you have to do is enroll your site, claim your blogs and complete a profile page. The next step is to wait for your profiles and accounts to get approved by them. Once your site is approved, you will start getting automated links. Due to the fact that these backlinks are from high PR sites, they are very high quality. The best part of using blog directories is that once you set them up, you can forget them and they’ll automatically keep right on working. If you are looking to build quality backlinks with very little work, you will appreciate this method.

2. Harnessing the Power and Strength of Articles.

Getting backlinks can take a lot of hard work and if you’re going the right way, these efforts will pay off on the long run. There are times, though, some people are surprised to find they’ve lost their high rankings, and they don’t know why. One of the amin causes of the lower rank is because the number of backlinks decreased. How does this happen? The answer for that question lies in how you gain them to start with. If you’re buying links with a monthly subscription from one of the cheap link building services, you are running the risk of losing all of them if you should decide to cancel. With these backlinks suddenly gone, your search engine ranking will go down. This is one of the best reasons for building links by keeping it as natural as you can, and thereby gain them as permanent backlinks.

Link Building Using Press Releases

A great backlinking tactic is finding forums that allow you to include your link in your posting signature. Since these forums get thousands of visitors a day, you can definitely leverage them and tap into this flow of traffic. Just sign up to forums, create your signature (with a link to your site) and start posting. This will help you get traffic to your site specific to your market. However, do keep in mind to post in relevant forums so that the quality of the backlink isn’t affected. This is an easy strategy that is often ignored, but when done right can prove quite successful.

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