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Ending Your Relationship And Then Beginning Again – Will It Work?

2012 August 24

Splitting up and getting together again, can it work? That is a question that a great deal of individuals ask. It is not uncommon to separate with somebody and later be sorry for the breakup and try to reunite.  The question is, will it work?  The reply is, it depends…

This will depend on many factors.  Below is a list of some things you have to honestly consider before you get together again with your former mate:

1) Why did you break-up in the first place?  If you broke up because of major variations in  your outlooks and personalities and found that you were constantly clashing then getting back together would be a poor idea.

Neither of you will find a way to completely change your character.  Nor should you.  If you are just not compatible that won’t change.  It’s time to move on and find somebody you’re more in sync with.

2) If the reason  you broke up was fairly minor daily complications you have to decide if either of you are willing, and have the ability, to honestly discuss it and make the modifications necessary to make the relationship work. If you consider that the two of you are grown up enough to have a truthful discussion of the issues and work on repairing them then you might find a way to make it work this time around.

3) Was there infidelity or abuse?  For the most part, if either of these things were present you’re probably better off finding someone new.  Most folks don’t really change to a significant degree. If you or your ex is a cheater that pattern will more than likely keep on unless extensive therapy is undertaken.

If abuse is the problem no one should be given a second chance to hit or injure  you again.  Depart, and don’t look back.  Hopefully your ex will get help and have the ability to overcome the issue but that type of treatment is not always successful and could take years – it is time for you to move on for good.  

Breaking up and getting together again, for the most part, can only be achieved  if you and your ex girlfriend or boyfriend can be totally honest with yourself and each other.  It’s not impossible to make changes but it can be challenging and unless both parties are in complete agreement and are dedicated to making the positive changes needed to make the relationship work, it’s probably better to call it quits and move ahead.

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