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Does Your Network Marketing Opportunity Equal Financial Freedom?

2010 August 30
by buddy

Does your network marketing opportunity or any network marketing business equal financial freedom or is that just more hype?

Let me ask you this.

Do you or have you ever known anyone that had financial freedom? Someone that truly did not have to be at any place at any particular time and did not clutter his or her mind thinking about having enough money.

If you have known someone like this, did it piss you off as you left your house to go to your J.O.B. – Just-Over-Breakeven – and this person was walking out to get the morning paper still in their PJ’s drinking coffee?

What do they have that I do not?

Are they special? Is that lifestyle only reserved for the few, the chosen? Are they really better than me in any way?

Let me share with you a quick story.  I lived that dream from 2005 – 2009 and it was better than I have ever thought possible.  You roll out of bed at any time and do whatever you feel like doing for the entire day. Go play golf, go workout, read a magazine, hang out at the beach or whatever YOU feel like doing.  I travelled all over and lived the dream. Can you even imagine that from where you sit today?

Today I am back working for someone because the economy did a backflip on me because I was so free and not paying attention as closely as I should have to the market and my investments htat I lost a lot of money when it collapsed!

Bam!  Slapped back into fear, and then a JOB.

After owning my own businesses for over fifteen years, can you fathom having another job and receiving a wimpy little paycheck? It was terrifying!

It did not take too much time for the entrepreneur in me to slap me in the face. What are you doing?  I remember thinking, daily, this job was just unacceptable and I will find another way.

The problem was what to do?  I did not want to open another franchise, too expensive, too much hassle, poor economy, and employees.

Well just like anything you ask for in walked a network marketing opportunity.  I thought oh no not that again!

Another story, in 1996 I got involved with a network marketing opportunity that put me in line with gaining true financial freedom, so I believed anyway. The problem was that by the time I was getting a good monthly check, the company went belly up.  Lesson learned, scrutinize the network marketing opportunity and verify they are a reputable company that has been operatin for at least ten years.

Now I Have Found A Solid Company To Join!

Fast forward to today, August 2010. I investigated the business and it is solid. A great network marketing opportunity will write me checks until I am old and I get to choose the size of my check by how hard I work. Well, it does not take a rocket scientist to discover that a good network marketing opportunity was the only quick road back to true financial freedom. I was now hungry for that freedom.

Not only did I find a great company but I discovered a step by step system from top dogs in the industry that almost guarantees success.

My system now runs on autopilot, attracting people to me, and makes me money in the process. These people want a network marketing opportunity and will want to work with you! I know, it is hard to believe, and I didn’t at first, but today I work the system!

Are You Ready For Financial Freedom and To Do What You Want, When You Want?

If you are, go out and look for a reputable, network marketing business to sign up with.  Do your research, verify that you can feel good promoting the companies products, and make it happen!  Do not make the same mistakes I did.  Get started today!

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