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Differences Between Popular Mobility Aids

2012 July 17

Both motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters (also known as mobility & disability wheelchair) offer us the option of being mobile and independent notwithstanding any physical issues. As with other styles of technology, though, these devices work best when we use the products that was intended for our needs. This article is a simplified comparison of motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters, which will partially aid you in identifying the particular sort of mobility aid to purchase.

Motorized wheelchairs will offer you more back and head support and generally will be intended for you to stay in them continually. These wheelchairs help you with a range of functions which allow them to tilt forward and backward, and many of them will modify the height of the chair to access various work areas and multiple wheelchair ramp. Being able to modify your posture routinely could enable you to stay in the chair for 8 or 10 hours a day without developing pressure sores. Motorized wheelchairs furthermore include more tire and powerbase variations, which allow you to stay mobile inside and outside safely.

Powered wheelchairs are often more maneuverable in compact homes, and because they are controlled by a simply joystick, it is more user-friendly to steer them if you don’t posess complete control of your arms. Finally, powered wheelchairs are made to be lifted into and tethered inside wheelchair accessible buses, where these wheelchairs will effectively function as car seats. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a lift on your car, this is hardly a benefit. Although, if you can’t usually drive anyway, it is easier to rely on public transportation with a wheelchair instead of with a scooter which is required be loaded separately. So you can see that there is a lot involved with the different mobility & disability wheelchair and ramp companies.

Mobility scooters bring their own set of benefits, presuming you have the proper set of expectations. If your upper body is healthy and performing properly, and you just require this supplemental aid for your legs, a scooter should be ideal to answer your requirements. Scooters are normally steered through the use of a tiller, which works very similarly to a handlebar on a normal scooter.

Travel and folding mobility scooters are made to be quickly disassembled and stored in a typical car, so if you are able to step down from the scooter and drive a car, this is far more convenient than riding city busses or investing in a full-sized van with a wheelchair lift. Scooters will generally not include the extra postural mechanisms that motorized wheelchairs include, and the tiller linkage is substantially easier to produce than the joystick steering technology. While this results in the owner relying on fewer features, it also means you are going to be investing less in a scooter because it involves less technology.

One of the cool things about being in the 21st century is being able to exploit the available technology. Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters allow us to keep out and about and independent beyond the time when our bodies are unable to cooperate. Selecting the most suitable type of technology is necessary, though. Assess your needs, order your priorities, then purchase with confidence. Happy wheeling!


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