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Crucial Ideas On Keyword Density Thresholds And Content Stuffing

2010 August 31
by buddy

Do you know anything about keywords? Essentially, they educate the search engines about your content. However, using too many is a bad thing. Keyword density is vitally important and you should learn how to get this right to achieve a perfect combination.

Besides straightforward keywords and appropriate density, there are other ways to optimise. Use keyword phrases. Nowadays, many keywords have become commonplace. For example, if you put “chocolate” into a search engine, you will get millions of returns. It is possible that people could wade through 10 pages of results, which they probably are not going to do, and still be confused.

Instead of doing this, they will approach it differently. Instead of one word they will enter something like “chocolate peanut butter cookies.” Now we are becoming much more targeted. If you are in the business of selling recipes, then you would be much better off using the second phrase instead of just that one key word.

Keyword Myth Revealed.

When it comes to online business development, you might think that common sense is the best approach to keyword selection, but you are not always right. Your mind says that if such and such keyword is the one you should be using to attract customers, then it should appear everywhere. So far, you are right. And don’t forget, an “on point” virtual assistant can help you with all the details, if you need help moving forward quickly.

This next part is where many veer off the track. You don’t want to be stuffing your content so that it appears to be a keyword sandwich. At one time, you may have gotten away with that, but search engines have evolved much like anything else. They are smart enough to know that a keyword is not going to appear in every third sentence as the normal course. This is keyword stuffing.

Learn About Keyword Density.

A typical search engine is difficult for the average person to understand as it is composed of a tricky mix of algorithms. All we need to know is that the robots will do what they’re supposed to do. They search for keywords that are entered into the search box on thousands and thousands of sites, blogs and the lot, indexed all over cyberspace.

The calculation of keyword density tells us how many of those words appear within a specific piece of text. For instance, if your article is around 500 words, bots will calculate how many times a certain word appears within that text. Internet gurus used to always say that a safe keyword density was anywhere from 3-10%.

Search engines do not think this way however, and have their own ideas about correct density. Now, it can be as low as 1-3%. This would mean that your keyword should occur only between five and 15 times in a typical 500 word article. Most tend toward the lower range here to be safe. Besides, in 500 words, encountering the same keyword fifteen times may seem a little banal depending on your subject matter.

Any professional virtual assistant will tell you that the keyword density also considers the number of words in the targeted keyword. What is called longtail online business marketing is now popular and can really focus in on your content to reach a tighter and more clearly defined market. An “on hand” virtual assistant can get this done fast, and to an excellent standard.

But keyword density also works for your website development in general. When setting up your site, use the keyword in picture tags, subheadings, headlines and anchor text. The content will get people to visit you over and over, but your entire website will be the linchpin that can help you gain and stay on the first page of search results.

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