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$100,000 and nothing to show for it

2009 June 6
by admin

I'm telling you. I'm broke

I'm telling you. I'm broke

It’s a story about a guy who have spent over $100,000 pursuing Internet Marketing success. But the sad side is he failed.

He has been a Royal Marines Commando, a computer technician, and IT manager, a Chief Technology Officer, and has run his own business moderately successfully. He love technology and the internet.

He has done more things than he can even remember, including the Internet Marketing Advanced Mentoring program, being a Google Advertising Professional, being on Tellman and Shaun’s List Pro’s program, He has had a lame attempt at Frank Kern’s Mass Control, and for a short while he was even on Perry Marshall’s Bobsled run, gladiator club etc.

And he’s wondering why he failed and how come he isn’t rich, as a fact he’s flat broke. You could click this link to read the complete story from Perry Marshal, a well known internet marketer and a Google Adwords specialist.

But the point is, internet is really a big huge world. And it change dramatically every day. Sorry, it may be a truth if I say it change every second. And we couldn’t chase all of the pace. We would fail if we try to react for every single news we’ve got from internet.

Browsing in the internet like we’re swimming in the sea and before we could realize, we have been drowning in it. But it won’t happen if we have the goal, the aim, the purpose, the benefit that we’ve been looking for or chasing for. And we should not leave the focus on our goal until we’ve reached it.

So the right keyword for this story is FOCUS.

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