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10 Top Tips Explaining How To Complete Your Application For Settlement In The UK – A Comprehensive Guide For Chinese Speakers

2011 March 18

If you are a spouse of another person who is settled in the United Kingdom and want to apply for indefinite leave to remain then you may discover this report useful.

When you read about the process it may seem prolonged and complex but do not be annoyed as I hope to lead you through the procedure. You should already have obtained an entry clearance stamp in your passport prior to you arrived in the UK on a spouse visa. So you ought to be acquainted with the visa application procedure as much of it is really similar to your first application.

The key to being successful in your application for indefinite leave to remain is to be well organised from the start. There is no point making an attempt to think about placing your paperwork together one few months ahead of your two year qualifying interval is due to expire. You must start off considering about your application as soon as you arrive in the UK. That could save you allot of hassle in the near future. You are allowed to submit your application 28 days just before your two year qualification time period has been completed but not earlier.

You are required to submit six documents with both you and your spouse’s name displayed by your house address. Bear in mind that these documents need to be spread over a two year period to prove that you are both residing together.

The application by itself costs £900 and you have to pay this fee up front. If your application is declined afterwards you will end up losing your money so ensure you get it right.

Action 1

Buy a folder with clear plastic sleeves where you can insert your documents in chronological order. Having a folder that is well organised will mean less work for the immigration officer and you are likely to get a decision much quicker.

Phase 2

Book an appointment with your bank or building society and request your name be added to your spouse’s current accounts. It in essence will mean that you will have a joint bank accounts that will present you with month-to-month statements over a two year time period.

Phase 3

Get in touch with your designated Council Office and ask to be put through to the electoral registers office. Right here you can ask for a form to update the voters register with your partner’s names. Each and every six months you will receive a form now showing you and your partner both on the voters register at your home address.

Action 4

If you have a mobile phone contract or a land line you can simply have the billing details modified to incorporate both you and your spouse at no added cost. Once again it means monthly bills exhibiting both names together.

Action 5

Take a look at your nearby medical centre and get your partner registered with a doctor. These folks will offer you with a contact number where you can phone up and get your spouse an formal NHS healthcare card no cost.

Stage 6

Take a look at your neighborhood dental professional and get your spouse signed up to the practice list. Ask the receptionist to write you a easy letter on headed paper in your spouse’s particulars confirming that she is a patient at the practice.

Step 7

If you are preparing to have youngsters, then the two year qualifying time period couldn’t be a better choice. If you have a kid prior to your application you are entitled to two years of cost-free medical and dentist treatment such as prescriptions. Routine appointments with your G.P are totally free whether or not you have youngsters or not and is covered by your entry clearance stamp.

The great point about having a baby prior to your application for settlement is that it produces lots of of documents from the healthcare organisation that can be used in your application.

Phase 8

This is a quite critical phase that should be thought about way prior to your application is submitted. The boarder agency would like to understand that you will be capable to proceed supporting your partner immediately after they have been granted indefinite leave to remain and not just resort to public capital. You need to thus have a healthy bank balance with a regular income showing just about every month. Be aware there is nothing at all to stop you from applying for public funds right after your partner is granted indefinite leave to remain.

Move 9

Reserve an appointment with your nearby Life In The UK Exam centre and sit the exam. You have to bear in mind that without this certificate you will not be granted settlement. The examination is really tough with 50% of students failing. Guarantee you prepare well in advance and retain your pass certificate safe.

Stage 10

Put all your paperwork together in date order in you folder with the front page showing an list of what is contained in the folder. This can make it straightforward for the immigrations officer to find paperwork quickly. Finally guarantee you send your application by post as personal appointments are practically impossible to get hold of. Send your application by Royal Mail Special Delivery and afterwards simply take it easy for about 3 weeks before you get a letter via the post with a stamp in your passport displaying indefinite leave to remain.

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