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3 Suggestions to Make the Most Out of Facebook Marketing

2011 February 5

Due to its thorough marketing system, Facebook has turned into the world’s best social network. If you want to use this advertising platform, then you need to have a few things in mind, which we will be discussing in this article.

One of the most effective tips when you’re advertising on Facebook is to send the traffic to your Facebook fan page. Many advertisers who are starting out with Facebook advertising have no idea what it means to send traffic to the fan page and the advantages. A fanpage is like preselling because your conversions will actually be higher than if you advertised with direct linking to your website or affiliate site. This isn’t hard to figure out because with a fan page, people have a chance to connect with you; and then when they do see your marketing offers they are almost pre-sold to you. Marketing and building a fan page is like building an email list, and the more people (fans) you can get; then the more people you can contact and tell about an offer. Obviously, if you do not have any fan pages, then you really should just give it a try and discover the results on your own. But do you have a fan page? That’s no problem because it doesn’t cost anything to create one, and it’s easy to do. When you create your fan page, keep in mind that by simply driving traffic to it and adding fans won’t do anything. Your fan page needs to offer or give something to people; make them want to get involved in some way. Just think in terms of relationship marketing, and that is how you deal with your fan page and your fans.

As you probably already know, much will always be determined by the ad copy for any particular ad. It’s not 100% about ad copy, but the percentage is great. Your ads must be different, and they must be different and effective at the same time. Ask questions in your title or use testimonials from other people who have tried out your product. You must also include a call to action – tell people to click through.

The thing about copywritiing, and that’s all this is, is that it is critical to have a call to action whereby you are directly commanding, sort of, people to take an action. You will connect much better with your audience when you talk to them in their language, and that is why good market research is so important. What you need to understand is that the difference with Facebook is one of medium, and the principles of classified ads and ad copy are still the same. The more effort you put into the copy, the higher response you will get.

Don’t forget to use keyword targeting to get the most out of your campaign. If you are going to only target via demographics, then your aim is too general. It is only effective when your product is desired by a lot of people or when you can’t utilize specific keywords because the market is too general. But if this is not true, then you should target the keywords because when your ads are relevant, they have a way of getting high click through rates, when will create higher conversions. Search engines such as Google have their own formulas for testing the relevance of ads and providing your website with a quality score. Although Facebook does not have this kind of formula, it does abide by the same concepts. It is common sense; relevance will product stronger results. In conclusion, this article describes how Facebook can be advantageous for financial profits. However, to be profitable with it, you have to do tons of testing and tweaking, if you don’t you won’t succeed.

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