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Youtube is the Daddy with 5.9 billion video views in January

2010 July 23
by buddy

Update on Live Internet TV wars. Pre emptive strike repelled by hostile Hulu.
Streaming TV media center, Boxee which was last month banned from streaming Hulu content has plant? a way around the missing content problem. In a daring manouvere they let users watch streams from RSS feeds as anyone with a browser can. This allowed Boxee users to watch Internet TV shows from Hulu online, for a while. Hulu after catching wind of the plan immediately blocked the RSS access from Boxee’s browser.

Of course it was no surprise, after the initial ban caused by content proprietors to Hulu demanding its removal from Boxee, they dont want it occurrence via the back door.

Streaming success Hulu, owned by News Corp. and NBC, which pulled its video streams from Boxee and last month at the request content providers to the site said in a statement:-

“While we stubbornly believe in this brave new world of media convergence, bumps and all. We are also steadfast in our feeling that the best way to accomplish our challenging, unceasing mission of making media easier for users is to work hand in hand with content owners.”

He continued:- “The fact that it’s becoming easy to make Internet video on a TV brings into question many of the industry’s business models that developed before the Web. That’s part of the reason why Hulu asked to be removed from Boxee. Our meetings over the past week weren’t able to change that. But the people in the industry ‘get it’. They are users. They read the blogs. They talk with users. They are trying to adjust to a new reality, but they need time.”

Will this be the end of Boxee trying to reclaim the missing streams? Watch this space.

Youtube has proclaimed a bandwidth absorb statistic for January. Its traffic hit a new all time record, video views increased by an amazing 400 million views compared with December, according to comScore.

The video giant now has 43% of online video market share and further confirms its No. 1 position. Boasting 100 million unparalleled viewing audience and a jaw dropping 5.9 billion views. The verage person watched 62 videos over the course of the month for an average time of around 3 1/2 mins.

MySpace parent Fox Interactive Media posted strong numbers commanding No. 2 on the comScore list and spiking to almost 552 million views in January versus its 445 million views in December. That’s a growth of more than 20 percent. Yahoo is at Number 3 with 374 million, growing more than 40 million views in one month.

Viacom Inc., owner of MTV and ComedyCentral, reported a decline with 288 million views, dropping by 3 million views when compared to December numbers.

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