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Packing For College & What You Should Bring

2011 January 18
by buddy

The excitement of college can be overwhelming, but there is also work to be done. If you’re headed to a college far away from home, knowing what to pack for college will give you a sense of peace as you put miles between you and your parents.

Here’s how you pack for college.

To determine what to pack for college, you need to realize that your room won’t be as big as living at home. To see what your roommates are bringing, you can contact them as well. You may find out that buying that mini-fridge or TV isn’t necessary because someone already has one. Another thing you may want to consider bringing are smaller versions of necessities. An example would be a laptop for a more neat and organized living area since it’s easier to store than a desktop.

When you pack for college, other useful items you should put on your list are shower necessities. As you will probably be sharing shower space with others, you will want to bring a pair of flip flop sandals and something to tote your toiletries in. The purpose of the sandals is to avoid bacteria on the shower floors. Athlete’s foot isn’t something everyone would get, but with all the people who are sharing, the chances would go way up.

For school supplies, make sure you have a box of pencils and pens, computer paper and printer cartridges in case you have a printer, calendars in order to keep track of deadlines, notebooks, and highlighters. Having everything that you could need will save you trips to the campus bookstore as well as get you started on the right foot to an organized living space that holds everything that you might need at the last minute.

When you’re deciding how to pack for college, you want to keep in mind that you won’t have mom or dad to remind you of things or to wake you up, so you will need to figure out how to do this for yourself. This can mean an alarm clock to a daily calendar of assignments. What you may find useful is a dry erase board that you and your roommate can share in order to remind each other of things. Having someone else watching out for you will help ease you into this new independent lifestyle.

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