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Motivate Your Employees With An Award Or Trophy

2010 October 29
by buddy

As human beings we are always striving to excel in every important area of our lives. From the time we as small kids are able to comprehend that winning an event or contest can be rewarding in the end, we have sought to beat out the opposition. The focus becomes more on the award once they win, and not so much on them doing something they enjoy. Some kids can become obsessed with winning, because they know that there is a trophy that lies in the end. But let’s be honest, a lot of adults also like the recognition of winning as well. A lot of us still have our first trophies because of the significant memories that come along with them. Trophies make wonderful reminders of the hard work and persistence that was given in order to obtain such recognition.

Recognition awards have been around for a very long time. They can range from the most simple to the very extravagant and prestigious of awards. Sport professionals not only earn a lot of money to be the best, but there is usually a prestigious award or trophy that comes along with the win. Olympic winners not only get the respect from the world for being the best, but also win an award that will likely be a lifelong memento as well. Academic awards are great motivators to instill in students that hard work can get them a little reward in the end. This lesson is a great message that they take with them throughout the rest of their lives and into their careers.

A lot of businesses are now presenting recognition awards and corporate awards to employees that have a remarkable accomplishment, or have exceeded a set projection. A recognition award or a corporate award is also a great motivator to give your employees to acknowledge their hard work, and to keep them striving for more. Then there is another group of people, who may not have won a competition, but still deserve to be recognized with an excellence award or star award. It could be because they have done a great honorable act. They could have saved the life of another, beat a bout with cancer, or may have given a great charitable contribution. Awards can also be given as gifts to honor loved ones for all that they have done for us on such occasions as Fathers Day, Grandparents Day or anniversaries.

Most people are very appreciative when they receive the recognition of an award. It has been a way to motivate individuals to better themselves, and be the best at what they do. The fame, respect, and recognition of awards are attractive to a lot of people, and it is what motivates people to strive to be the best. The most popular awards given this day in age are acrylic awards and glass awards. They are available in many contemporary and sleek designs, and can be personalized with any saying. An acrylic award or a glass award can be personalized with such things as, company logos, sports figures, names of individuals, and/or even a personalized message, to add significant meaning to the award. The reasons to honor someone with an award are endless, and can be presented for just about everything. Whether it be sports, academics, employment, or simply to acknowledge a great accomplishment, the recipient of an award will forever be grateful.

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