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Internet Marketing Success Secrets (That No One Is Telling You About)

2010 May 30
by admin

im-success-secretIf you’ve been struggling to make money online, then you are not alone. There are an infinite number of internet marketers that are trying to make a buck right at this moment. Some of them are newbies, some term themselves as ‘intermediate’ level marketers and of course, there are the big shots of the internet marketing world.

There are so many different methods to make money online, each with its own nuances and bells and whistles. It is not only hard to pick one method to focus your efforts on, but also to keep at it to see any significant success.

So how did the big guns and gurus do it? Did they eat some magic pill and woke up a star internet marketer the next day? The answer to that is a resounding ‘No.’ One thing you need to realize right now is that every guru was once a newbie. Every guru, every internet marketer who makes millions today, every list builder who has a list of customers in the thousands had to start somewhere.

But if everyone had to start somewhere, why is it that so many marketers who start trying to make money online don’t get anywhere close to those gurus? What is the secret ingredient that is missing in the recipe to online success?

The real secret to achieving phenomenal success online is to learn, learn and learn. Learn as much as you can about how to make money online and then actually take action upon it. But you have probably realized by now that sometimes, even taking action is not enough. That latest product that you created after taking the necessary steps to ensure that there was a market for it, sometimes, just doesn’t click.

The best way to learn the tricks of the trade is through someone who’s been there and done that. In case of online businesses, you need a mentor or coach who is a successful internet marketer already.

The problem however is that it is extremely hard to find successful internet marketers who are willing to train a newbie or anyone for that matter. Most of these so-called gurus who do provide training charge very high fees and rightly so. So, how do you, as a newbie, find a good mentor?

One thing you should remember is that the gurus of the IM world are as much humans as you and I. They respond to incentives, they have feelings and they care about others they like. So, before you send out a long-winded sob story on why the guy should teach you how to make money online via email, take some time to think as to what would get the person to actually take you seriously.

Since money is not a problem for them, you need to come up with something totally different. Most coaches like to teach students who are serious about their work and who maintain a professional attitude. Nobody wants to train someone knowing that they wouldn’t take action at all. If you approach a mentor, be ready to be asked what you’ve done so far, take down notes, make changes to your websites and products as the person suggests and take in all you can. Let them know that you value their time by taking as less of it as you can.

On the brighter side, many marketers are happy to train new people. It poses a challenge for them and keeps them interested. But you would never know who is willing to train unless you ASK the person if they would. Asking is getting. Go to their blogs, take part in discussions and make sure you come across as an authentic newbie yourself. Then when you approach them to help you out, they’ll be more than happy to do so.

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