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How to Start Your Own Home Newspaper Clipping Service

2011 November 10
by buddy

Data is energy!

Yes, information is power.  And Now you are able to plug into that energy with your individual newspaper clipping service!

Newspaper clipping is a very lucrative organization, and it’s growing in demand and recognition. Thousands of men and women in all components of the globe are making hundreds of dollars each week, just reading and clipping news items

within the privacy of their very own homes.  The excellent news is the fact that there’s nonetheless a lot or room for you personally to carve out your individual niche and money in on this superb work-at-home opportunity.  Your good results and income is going to be limited only by your want to perform hard and succeed.

In this so called “Age of Information” we reside in,  individual folks, government agencies, and private corporations have an virtually unlimited want for news and details about the topics that have an effect on their every day lives and transactions.

Info is genuinely energy, and specially for companies,  the far more data they have, the far better off they are.  That implies they will pay to get their hands on any tidbit which will assist them do their jobs far better.

You are able to benefit from this require and make your way in to the exploding planet of info management, and, very best of all, you can make an exceptional income having a minimum investment.

What’s a newspaper clipping service?

Many of you could harbor some misunderstanding about just what a press clipping company is all about. If you explain to friends or neighbors that you operate a press clipping organization, most of them will assume you pore by means of obituaries, funeral notices and wedding announcements, and then clip these and send them to close friends and relatives for a fee.

In reality, extremely couple of people make a living with this type of service these days.  Successful press clipping services have contracts with companies and organizations that want to hold current on any number of matters reported within the papers.

Some organizations hire clipping services to help keep track of what their competitors are carrying out.  Other businesses, including companies of all types, use clipping services as a implies of locating sales leads and new buyers.
National magazines and newspapers are often in require of different or fascinating material, and often employ home-based clipping services.

Many government agencies also have an incredible need for information about the tasks they should carry out.  As an example, most agricultural states have an agency whose job would be to encourage suitable soil and water conservation.  In Minnesota, for instance, the Board of Water and Soil Resources is charged with making positive the thousands of farmers in its state are practicing suitable conservation tillage and other land preservation practices.

The Board of Water and Soil Resources has a fantastic interest in any variety of data that relates to soil conservation or water pollution.  In a nearby small-town paper prints a story, for instance, about a nearby farmer who has accomplished wonderful success in growing crops whilst reducing his use of chemical pesticides and herbicide, this would be an excellent item to clip for the Board’s data and public relations efforts.

What you’ll want to get started

To set oneself up in this type of organization, you’ll will need only a pair of scissors and as numerous distinct newspapers and magazines that you simply can subscribe to.  A check out to your nearby public library will be extremely informative about the a lot of types of publications – each newspapers and magazines – that
are on the market.

You are able to decrease your fees by borrowing or trading utilised and undesirable newspapers and magazines from everyone you understand.  You might also ask the library to let you’ve any documents they would otherwise throw out or location inside the recycling bin.

You should also check out your nearby wholesale paper property, or make a deal with the nearby stationary shop to purchase labels at a discount value.  You’ll wish to attach these labels to the top of each and every clipping you send to your customers.  On these labels, you will desire to print the name of the publication the clippings came from, the date it appeared, as well as your name and address.

The next step is merely to start clipping articles that mention or speak about certain businesses or individuals.  File your clippings in envelopes or boxes according to industries or types of businesses, by organization name and also based on the names of the people talked about.

Once you’ve ten or much more clippings that speak about a certain business or particular person, place them in an envelope and send them to that company’s owner or public relations director.  You must contain a brief letter with
the clippings explaining your service and fees.  The next lines can be a letter format you’ll be able to use for your individual business:

Jan. 1, 1993

Public Relations Director
ABC Corporation
P.O. Box 123
City, State, Zip

Dear Particular person:

Enclosed you’ll locate numerous newspaper and magazines clippings that may have direct and critical relevance to your company and consumers.

As an experienced details researcher, I can supply your company with articles that could contain information on how to far better serve your customers, increase your goods or service, or help you hold abreast of what your competitors are doing.

I’m sure you’ll discover this service invaluable.  My monthly fee is $50.  If you do not discover this amount acceptable, please really feel free of charge to call me and I’ll negotiate a fair cost with you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing my service in higher detail.


Your name
Phone amount

You must try to get your clients to agree to pay you a monthly “reader’s fee” for which you agree to look for something in the newspaper about him or his company or industry.  Every time you spot an write-up, you clip it, and send it to your client.  A minimum monthly reader’s fee is normally $25, nevertheless it can differ based on the variety of publications you read along with the variety of clippings identified.

What earnings are doable?

Normally, a clipping service that scans statewide publications charge about $50 per client, or $100 per client for those who want clippings from national publications.  These fees are monthly, and you can quickly see how you might make really excellent money with just 20 or 25 clients.

To promote and create your enterprise, it is possible to scan your nearby company services directory and send out a solicitation letter to each and every of these listed.  A few days right after you’ve posted your sales letter, you ought to
comply with up having a telephone call.

A brief, to-the-point ad underneath “Business Personals” within your daily newspaper will also bring in new customers for you personally.  As soon as you’ll be able to afford it, go with a minimum of a little display ad within the yellow pages of one’s telephone directory.

You need to certainly get in touch with public relations firms, advertising agencies and civic organizations inside your region.  Explain your service and ask them if they’ve any unique customers or needs it is possible to support them with.  You will find numerous of your local political and “cause” groups really considering receiving clippings about their opponents.

Clipping services in 1 form or an additional have been about since the advent of the printing press, and they’re far more in demand in our modern day “Age of Information” than ever just before.  It truly is certainly the sort of enterprise anybody who knows tips on how to read can set up and operate with an absolute minimum investment.

The ultimate good results of the organization will depend on your drive and tenacity, your willingness to function challenging and make your service the very best and most beneficial it can be.

One last bit of suggestions:

Once you land your 1st client, that organization or agency can result in much more consumers for your service.  Right after you might have worked with a specific firm for three or 4 months, ask them for a recommendation, or an evaluation of your service.  Here is a letter format you’ll be able to use:

Jan. 1, 1993

Public Relations Director
ABC Corporation
123  4th Street
City, State   Zip

Dear Individual:

I’m writing to ask a favor of you.  You’ve got been employing my clip service for 3 months now.   I would appreciate it in case you could give me a frank evaluation of the quality and worth my service has supplied to you company and information needs.

Enclosed can be a stamped, self addressed envelope for your reply.  I would also like your permission to use your comments in brochures, ads or letters utilized to market my newspaper clipping service.

Thank you your help, and I look forward to hearing how my service has worked for you.


Your Name

That’s it.  You ought to genuinely give this a try.  A newspaper clipping service is a great residence enterprise opportunity for just about everyone.

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