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How to Create Your Great Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

2010 May 6
by buddy

direct-mail-marketingWhen you do the majority of your business dealings over the internet it is easy to forget that there are a lot of people in the world who aren’t online all day. Most of your Internet-based customers will be well versed in the customs of Internet interaction, which is probably why they are buying your products online, and more than likely also use the internet for everything from entertainment to communication and much more. We tend to forget, however, that there are tons of people who only use the internet for a few minutes throughout the day, if at all! You need to consider how it is that you will reach this market. Direct mail is an excellent means of connecting with people who are not online often to let them know about your Internet business.

One of the best ways to get someone to buy something from you is to contact them directly. If you are offering a service over the internet, like copywriting, you can have great success with direct mail.

A simple letter written directly to the owner of a business that details your skills and how you could help his business make more money will do far more for your bottom line than a flashy website will. The fact is that a piece of mail that is written to a specific person and that addresses a specific problem will always have more success than a blanket e-mail sent out to your whole opt-in list. You should keep in mind that direct mail marketing is identical to email marketing in that people get tired of getting mail that is trying to push them into buying something. Instead of the usual sales pitch, include in a letter information about your niche that recipients can use or that informs them of an important community issue. This way when people get your mail and find it interesting, they will be more likely to open up and read all your mail, including the mail that contains the sales pitch. Everyone likes free items, so you should capitalize on this by rewarding your customers.

Always sign letters and postcards you send to add a personal touch. Even if you are sending out a quick notice about a sale, always have a sign off with a handwritten signature. If you are going to be sending out hundreds of postcards you might consider getting a stamp of your signature made. Such a stamp will prove to be better than nothing at all, even though any person can quickly discern the difference between a handwritten signature and a stamp. In personally signing every piece of your mailings, you demonstrate to individuals that you accept full responsibility for your promotions message. You will come off as a more professional business person.

In going through all of the possible choices which are open to you, you discover the cornerstone of success for all business models. Direct mail is an important forum for Internet marketers because it gives them a line of communication to people that would not ordinarily run across what they are selling. A great number of individuals still do not work with the Internet on a frequent basis. The easiest means of reaching out to those persons is via direct mail.

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