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During Custody Battles How Do You Keep Your Kids Safe

2010 November 24
by buddy

The reasons to seek help for child custody are many. Hopefully an amicable arrangement can be reached with little outside intervention, if your situation allows. On the other hand, in more direr situations, professional help may be necessary. Regardless, knowledge is always your best option. We all need help in making decisions, so we have listed some things to think about in regards to your child custody situation.

It is important for you to remember that regardless what is going on, your child has specific needs that you need to meet. This can be easy to do while you fight over different custody issues, but remember to focus on the kids. Try to keep the children out of the details of the arrangement. Also keep in mind that your child loves the other parent, so don’t try to turn them against the other or use them as pawns in the divorce. This is more of a reminder, since we assume most of you will remember that the children are the most important people in the situation. Every day you should intentionally make time for each child to give them the love and support they need. It is important to keep in mind that your child is having an emotional time with this also.

I know you don’t want to hear this, even more so since you are probably in the middle of a child custody case yourself, but there are even cases where neither parent receives custody. Unfortunately some instances require the judge to award custody to a family member or child services. The judge will determine that neither parent qualifies for sole custody, and is then forced to resort to this. Even if your lawyer doesn’t mention this scenario you should prepare yourself for the possibility.

Whether or not custody cases should go to court is an issue you will find both pros and cons for. Becoming familiar with this is the best way for you to get real child custody help. One of the positive outcomes of having the child placed with the most qualified parent, is the children will be safe and probably happy. Your child could be pulled through the battle, and if it is an ugly one, it could have negative affects on your child. Your lawyer will be your best resource for learning the pros and cons of pursuing a custody battle.

Without even getting the law involved, there are many reasons to pursue child custody. Knowledge, in this situation is power, as much as it is in other situations. Learn the laws that your case will be tried under. If you want to have a good outcome for your case, you will want to show the judge that you can handle this responsibility. As always, keep your child’s interest at the forefront of your fight. Regardless of the outcome, your focus should be on making sure your children are cared for, healthy and happy.

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