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Do Not Fall For This Scam : Dr. Guard

2010 April 9
by buddy

dr-guardThe main component of our society is information. To be able to communicate is very important for the sharing of such information. So the best equipment being used for this purpose every day is but our computer. This point alone makes our PC worthless. We have but to always check our personal system are safe from any harm. We have to take care of those physical damages that might happen. We have also to be aware of virtual problems like Trojans, viruses, and others that can affect any of us browsing the web. A known virtual threat is Dr. Guard. This is a malware that is infecting lots of PC. Check here Dr. Guard Virus-Dr Guard to learn how to remove Dr. Guard.

Like many others malware are doing, Dr. Guard will install itself on your PC without your permission at all. You might notice, or not, that at first Dr. Guard will change your system’s files. Results are that your computer will get lots of problems, from mild ones to serious ones. When infected with this spyware, users will start noticing many commercial ads, and popups, appearing on their computer.This website computer virus removal has good infos about virus removal while this one  virus removal will tell you everything you need to know regarding spyware removal. When trying to access the web, you will notice problems caused by this malware:

– Dr. Guard changes the settings of the browsers, thus misleading users to other websites than the ones they intend to visit;
– The home page of the browser is also modified so that the virus would be ale to promote other malicious software or websites.

Dr. Guard is also able to do a lot more than what I just wrote. It has good ways to infect your computer’s system and many computer’s users will find this very problematic. This malware is a program pretending to be some good application while in fact it is a bad one. It will scan your pc (that’s a false scan…) looking for threats and will report you that it has found many of them. As a consequence, not only that usually users don’t consider uninstalling the virus, but they also end with paying money for this scam, as Dr. Guard tricks people into believing they need the full version of the program for properly defending the PC against viruses. All in all, this is one of the many threats that we have to be cautious about.

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