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Christening Planning

2012 July 15

Are you in the process of planning for your child’s christening or baptism? Do you need a few tips to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible? A christening or baptism is definitely a cause for celebration, a symbol of your child’s initiation into Christian life, but with so many things to do the process can certainly become hectic. In this article we have outlined a few tips to make sure everything goes according to plan and the day is enjoyed by all.

A christening is a very special moment in a child’s life, and equally special for the friends and families who gather to celebrate this occasion. In short, a christening refers to a baptism or other type of ceremony which signifies a rebirth into the Christian faith. The ceremony is usually very short, performed by a Christian leader of some kind, and attended by a few close friends and family. This short but special ceremony is often followed by a larger celebration at either a hall or at a family home.

Among the many decisions you will have to make in anticipation of your child’s christening, perhaps the most important one is where the ceremony will be held. For many Christians, the preferred location for a christening is the church where the family attends services, but this is not the only option available. Many families choose to be a little more creative with the location, opting for ceremonies at home or at another locale that holds a special significance to the family.

Choosing your child’s godparents is just the first step in planning for your child’s christening. Among the other details is choosing the location for the christening. Once you’ve chosen a date for your child’s christening, be sure to check with the church where the christening will be held to ensure it’s available on that day. Also, consider the time of year. The time of year is very important in deciding things like attire and celebration location. This is a special day and you want to make sure everyone is comfortable.

A christening is a very special ceremony and should be planned for accordingly. It signifies not only the blessedness of a new child in your family, but in the Christian family as well. When planning for your child’s christening, follow the tips outlined above and the day will be enjoyed by all.

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