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Brett Favre And A Critical Lesson For Success

2010 August 21
by buddy

Central to being great at anything is having the want to. I will tell you from being the fitness trainer for guys like Joey Saldana and Kasey Kahne, that there is no way that a person can maximize his potential in his vocation without abiding by this one simple rule:  You must make your vacation your vocation. In other words, you must love what you do enough to want to do it like you would a hobby.

This is not to say that there haven’t been very successful people  who made lots of money doing something they could have cared less about.  It is done all the time.  Still there are two things that are painfully obvious about these people. They gave away a lot of time for something they aren’t truly passionate about and they could have been better at it if they were actually passionate about their work.  Winners value time more than money and they do things that lift them up, not beat them down

Against this back drop, legendary Quarterback Brett Favre made the announcement recently that is he returning for one more year with the Minnesota Vikings.  If you think his return was only about money, you are missing the more fundamental need that playing serves for him and other elite athletes    Favre was motivated by something he can’t get anywhere else that makes athletics so vital.  He came back first because he loves it, and second to feel the friction of a challenge and to use his ability to overcome that challenge.

One of the attributes of a vocation that someone is passionate about is the existence of more room to explore within that job. People tend to lose passion if there is nothing unknown to explore about a situation or themselves operating in that situation.  Favre can not duplicate that friction of trying to defeat a new challenge within the game he loves.  Guys like Kasey Kahne need to know there is more to do and that they have to exert sweat and skill to meet their goals.  I designed my racers trainer workouts around that principle.  First, I want results for my clients, but inherent in those results is the vital experience of overcoming a challenge. When you wonder about Favre, consider that.

Russ Bohaty, “The Racers Trainer”, is the personal fitness coordinator for Kasey Kahne and the Kasey Kahne Racing Team. His free six-week pro racer mental fitness course is at

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